Reasons Digital Signatures are Increasingly Popular

Digital innovations in the business arena, corporate sectors, and government sectors have emphasized the importance of “Going Digital”. Every business/organization has realized the use of advanced digital technologies for their office work, management, and administrative work.

Several companies that sell their products and services offline or directly to customers are now adopting online platforms. Digital technologies have introduced a novelty in safer and more secure digital transactions and data exchanges.

The ardent reliance on digitally driven tools has created a plethora of online business applications and usages. Many companies are now working on their digital assets to increase their working efficiency and business management system.

But the question of the privacy of their data and business documents arises. How to prevent any cyber attack or cyber threat while utilizing digital technologies is always a prevent doubt.

To combat this issue, Electronic Signatures have raised their importance and significance in the field of cybersecurity. Digital Signature Certificate is being used by several legal firms, healthcare sectors, EXIM organizations, banks, and other businesses.

A slight introduction to the Digital Signature Certificate

Accomplishing the purpose of safe and secure online transactions and recording personal information requires a relevant digital medium. Digital Signature fulfills this requirement and paves the direction for a safer and more secure medium for storing essential data. Many professionals have implemented digital signing certificates into their day-to-day office work.

Digital Signature Certificate or DSC is a digital format of certificate to store personal data digitally. It resembles the physical paper-based format of certificates which decreases the dependence on trees and papers. Any authorized signatories can sign a digital document with the help of DSC.

Digital Signature is a digital signing tool that is a computation of mathematical algorithm expressions. It encrypts a particular message in hash values to protect the information. It is combined with a private key and public key component which are used by the sender and the receiver. Electronic documents can be digitally signed with this digital signing solution.

Reasons for the Popularity of Digital Signature Among People

Several reasons contribute to the popularity of Digital Certificates among their users. From rendering security to saving time and cost, DSC comes with more benefits. Let us explore some of its utilities that make it more reliant, usable, and accountable.

Digital Signature provides more security and safety to the
documents/data –

Paper-based documents are more susceptible to being altered, damaged, or vulnerable. Digital Signature is not prone to any cyber attacks, and cyber threats. It is a very safe and secure digital tool for storing data and personal records. Authentic users can sign their electronic documents from anywhere and anytime without putting their information in any hazard.

DSC offers legally binding, non-repudiation rights to the users -

The digital signature certificate is legally non-repudiable according to the Information Technology Act, 2000. No one can easily deny the integrity and the authenticity of the data shared during encrypting or decrypting a message.

DSC is a cost-saving, convenient, and easy-to-use digital tool –

DSC is a more relevant signing tool for present scenario signing operations. It saves cost, time, and effort when compared to a physical certificate. Anyone can easily sign their documents within a few minutes and can easily track their documents.

Digital Signature facilitates bulk document signing features –

You can sign pdf, folders, files, or records in bulk with the digital signature signing tool. You can even make digital signatures online and that too in bulk.
Tools for remote or online signing help you digitally sign your documents from anywhere in the world at any time.

Who can issue a Digital Signature Certificate?

The digital signature certificate is issued by an authorized Certificate Authority (CA).

These certifying authorities are regulated by the Controller of Certifying Authority CCA, Government of India, or through any trusted service provider. As per the Information Technology Act 2000, DSC should be used while performing any transaction at government portals.

Anyone can create a Digital Signature Certificate by applying their DSC application to the Certifying Authority. The process can be completed through an online issuance service. It is faster, safer, and completely transparent to users.

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