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Digital Signature for MCA / ROC Filing

Digital Signature Certificates hold equal power and are equivalent to physical or paper certificates. One can perform Digital signing operations on the required pages and utilize the same for e filing or digital registration of their organizations at the various Govt. portals such as Income Tax Efiling, MCA ROC filing, and others.

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With the introduction of new industries coming into the corporate world, it has become necessary for the management to get their industries to complete electronic filing through the Registrar Of Companies(ROC) under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs portal.

MCA allows every industrialist and corporate owner to utilize their exclusive Class 3 DSC for MCA/ROC filing. Henceforth, the industrialist or the signatory authorities can register their respective organization electronically at their portal.

Ways To Obtain DSC For MCA

DSC helps in authenticating the identity of the DSC holders electronically. Also, it has become quite easy for applicants to obtain paperless DSC. So, if you are an Aadhaar Or PAN cardholder, you can submit your application for DSC generation from the comfort of your home.

The certifying authority on receipt of the application, generated by the applicant, follows the complete verification procedure as per the CCA guidelines. Once the processing gets completed, you are free to download your DSC on your USB token.

Benefits of Using Class 3 DSC For E-Filing

The MCA21 program helps in clearing the service-oriented approach in the design and delivery of Government services. These services establish a healthy business ecosystem and make the country globally competitive.

The designed MCA21 application supports the Class 3 Digital Signature Certificates (DSC) issued by a registered Certifying Authority like Capricorn under CCA. Every applicant or the signatory authorized person of the organization, who wants to sign manual documents and returns filed with ROC under MCA21, must be a Class 3 DSC holder.