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To get details about your public key enter your email address in the box given below. You will receive a code on your email id. By clicking on the code, you can verify your details. This link can be used by anyone to verify the details of the DSC holder.

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The Public Key is mainly used for encrypting confidential information or messages with hash values accompanied by a private key. For authentication of user identity, a public key is selected and used for signing purposes.

Follow the 4 easy steps given to obtain your Public Key Details:

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To obtain your Public Key details, please enter your email address in the box given below. A code will be sent to your provided email address. Now you can verify by clicking on the code. Anyone can use this link to verify the details of the DSC holder.

Usage of Public Key

Various details of the user can be encrypted within a framework of public key infrastructure. To obtain their specific data, users can search for their details by providing required credentials such as email address, mobile number, etc.


Your personal or office information can be encrypted using an encryption process before sending it to the intended receivers.

The Public Key for Digital Signature

Public Key is an ardent technical feature of Digital Signature. DSC is equipped with encryption and decryption processes. It is a more reliable, safe, and secure cybersecurity solution.