Digital Signature Process

The process of downloading the certificate is simplified for better understanding in the following mentioned steps. There will be NO delay in issuing the certificate once all the statutory compliances are completed.

Processing Method

We help you provide the easiest, safest, and the most reliable way to obtain your paperless Digital Signature Certificates through Capricorn CA. Below mentioned are the three ways through which you can generate your DSC digitally :

Aadhar-Based Paperless DSC

The subscriber / applicant can use their Aadhaar card to apply for Aadhar based EKYC verification DSC using their Aadhaar Card. Aadhaar Based eKYC Verification is an electronic know your customer process, where the identity of the applicant is verified by uploading the “Offline Aadhaar XML” file on our web portal. The whole process of obtaining the Aadhaar based paperless DSC is authentic, fast, and will save your time, money, efforts.

PAN Based Paperless DSC

By opting for the PAN-based Paperless DSC, the applicant can save on the relative cost. The process of obtaining the Pan-based Paperless DSC is easy, fast, and followed by a quick video verification, where the applicant needs to reflect their PAN card in the video. The best advantage of this Pan-based Paperless DSC is that one can apply for this type of DSC online anytime or anywhere, giving the applicant the gift of global convenience.

GST Based Paperless DSC

Capricorn provides the GST Based paperless Organisational DSCs (Digital Signature Certificate) for Organisations having their exclusive GST certificate. These certificates provide complete security by ensuring confidentiality to the information or documents with Digital Signature when shared digitally.