Digital Signature Certificate DSC is an incumbent digital tool for the digital document signing process and storing essential data. Many government departments and other service sectors have relied on the usability and the salient features of DSC for signing electronic documents/forms. It provides multi-level assistance of cyber security to the confidential data exchanged and various online transactions performed.

Digital Signature is a computation of a mathematical algorithm encrypted by hash values that store some particular message. This digital signing certificate resembles the physical paper-based certificate and documents are signed digitally. It protects the data by using encryption-decryption mechanisms

Type of DSC Certificates

DSC is categorized into two main types based on their classification, which helps differentiate their functionality.

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Signing DSC is used for digitally signing electronic documents, files, or messages. It ensures the authenticity and integrity of the content and verifies the identity of the signer. Signing DSCs are commonly used in various applications such as legal documentation, government transactions etc…



Encryption DSCs are employed to secure the confidentiality and privacy of digital communication and data. They facilitate the encryption and decryption of data, making it unreadable to unauthorized parties. These certificates are often used for securing email communication, sensitive information transfer, and online transactions where data privacy is paramount.

Who could buy our certificate

Any individual or organization can buy our Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate which is applicable for Indian nationals and foreign nationals both

Class 3

The DSC is for Indians, who do not want their organization name to be part of the certificate

Class 3

Ths DSC is for companies (any type of entity), who want their organization name to be part of DSC

Class 3
Foreign Individuals

This DSC is designed for international users who want to use our certificate under their own name.

Class 3
Foreign Organization

The DSC is used for companies registered outside India that want their organization name to be part of the DSC.

Class 3
Document Signer

Digitally sign bulk documents effortlessly and securely with our Bulk Signer Certificate for a quick documentation process.

Class 3
IET Certificates

We have a special Digital Signature certificate for IEC code holders, this certificate is specifically used for DGFT


Validity of the Certificate

You can buy the digital signature certificates with a validity of 1, 2, & 3 years. (This validity is controlled by the regulatory body i.e the Controller of Certifying Authority CCA. You can not buy a DSC with the validity of less than 1 year or more than 3 years.)

Class 3 DSC Certificate

Capricorn CA offers Class 3 DSC according to IVG guidelines that provide the highest level of security, assurance, and trust in digital transactions. It is utilized in various essential factors including secure financial transactions, government applications, and legal compliance. This verifies the identity of the signer and maintains the integrity of the documents to protect your sensitive data and information from cyber attacks and fraud.

DSC Processing Methods

DSC can typically be applied in several modes that vary in security and usage.