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Capricorn Organizational DSC

With the elevation of digital technologies and the major requirement of digital contrivances in businesses, corporates, and small and large enterprises need safe and secure digital space for their confidential documents and data. A Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate encompasses most of the utilities of signing companies records, saving into a secure digital medium, and communicating safely.

Capricorn Class 3 Organizational Digital Signature Certificate is issued to organizations , corporations of different sectors, companies, and several enterprises. A class 3 DSC is necessary for an organization to perform any online transaction in India as per the Information Technology Act 2000. It ensures the electronic validation of the data and authentication of the company’s identity.

Capricorn CA is a licensed Certifying Authority authorized by the CCA for providing Class 3 Organizational DSC. Any Authorized signatory or a company representative can obtain the DSC on behalf of the company itself. You need to submit some valid documents and an authorized letter from the organization to procure the certificate.

Some Usages and Applications of Class 3 Organizational DSC

Capricorn Class 3 DSC for organizations is used in procuring government services from various government portals. This increases the efficacy and confidentiality of the information exchanged at the portals. Several online services allow you to perform online transactions with DSC.

Let us explore the main applications of class 3 Digital Signature for organizations. Below is a complete delineation of the usages of organizational DSC.

  • For filing online Income Tax Returns ITR

  • For registering EXIM organizations at the DGFT Portal

  • For procuring online services like e-procurement, e-tendering, and e-auction.

  • For ICEGATE to file for import/export businesses

  • For online submission of GST returns & ROC/MCA e-filing

  • For EPF/EPFO

Benefits of Capricorn Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate for Organizations

  • It offers safe and secure web-based and online transactions of organizations at various online platforms.

  • Class 3 DSC ensures the safety of your private records, documents, and data by enabling the cybersecurity mechanisms of the private and public keys.

  • It electronically validates the organizational identity and mitigates the chances of any data breaching, forgery, and spam..

  • Assist you in the entitlement of your organization at the government portal and tracking the company status, profile and transactions.

  • You can Sign your company’s bulk documents, pdfs, forms, and applications in a few minutes from anywhere and anytime.

Applying for a Capricorn Class 3 Digital Signature for organizations is a simple, hassle-free, and convenient process. You need to just follow some easy-step application process and avail of your DSC within a stipulated time. We ensure the privacy of your company's details and transparency involved in the process.