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Capricorn Organization DSC

Corporates, small and large corporations, and other organizations need a safe and secure digital space for their private documents and data with the advancement of digital technology and the widespread use of digital business tools. A Capricorn Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate DSC ensures the cybersecurity which is required while signing business documents and communicating digitally.

According to the Information Technology Act of 2000, an organization in India needs a class 3 DSC in order to conduct an online transaction. It guarantees the data's electronic validation and the authentication of the company’s identity.

Capricorn CA is a licensed Certifying Authority by the Controller of Certifying Authorities, CCA and we issue digital certificates for organizations in all formats (USB token, .pfx file & HSM). The DSC can be acquired on behalf of the firm itself by any authorized signatory or corporate representative. Depending upon the particular DSC processing method you chose to obtain the certificate, you must present some required documents and a letter of authorization from the company.

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Use Cases of Capricorn Class 3 DSC for Organizations

Following are certain highlighted functions of a Capricorn Class 3 DSC for organizations; It is to be noted that all departments in an organization can benefit from switching to a digital signing mode for authenticating documents internally.

  • Filing online Income Tax Returns ITR

  • Registering EXIM organizations at the DGFT Portal.

  • Procuring online services like e-procurement, e-tendering, and e-auction.

  • For ICEGATE portal to file for import/export businesses

  • Online submission of GST returns & ROC/MCA e-filing

  • EPF/EPFO filing

  • Signing & Securing Contracts

  • Supplier/Vendor Agreements

  • Employee Onboarding

  • Other legal documents and more

Benefits of Capricorn Class 3 DSC for Organizations

A Capricorn Class 3 DSC for organization serves a multitude of benefits, some of which are highlighted below:

  • DSC ensures safe and secure online transactions for businesses on a variety of web platforms.

  • Given the cybersecurity features of the private and public keys, Class 3 DSC assures the protection of your confidential files.

  • It electronically verifies the business identification and reduces the likelihood of spam, forgery, and data breaches.

  • Let you track the status, profile, and transactions of your firm while assisting with your organization's registration on the government site.

  • Bulk documents, PDFs, forms, and applications for your business may be quickly signed from any location at any time with the relevant signing tools.

  • Organizations can apply for a Capricorn Class 3 Digital Signatures in a quick, easy, and convenient manner.

Just by following a couple of simple steps, you could buy a DSC for your organization, to know more about the multiple processing methods we offer - click here .