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Partner program

Capricorn DSC Partner Program

Capricorn CA has been providing DSC services since 2016. Our corporate family has grown vastly in past few years. Due to our partners' trust and zeal we are thriving at a fast pace. We are a partner first company, we keep the needs of our partners first. We make DSC buying easy and quick. Here is how anyone can become a partner in three easy steps.


You can get in touch with our contact manager on the number mentioned in our Contact Section.


Our Partner Program Representative will get in touch with you and explain you the process and help you in signing up for the Partner Program.


Become a partner and sell DSC at fantastic prices. Our partners have the liberty to sell their DSC at any price they prefer.

Why Capricorn?

Capricorn offers all types of Digital Signature Certificates. We also have the option of becoming a reseller apart from partner. We have different schemes designed to suit different buyers. Our 3C program ( Connect-Communicate-Cash ) is designed for convenient and easy sign-up. Our sign up process is quick and hassle-free. Learn more about the features of our partner program.

The Partner First Company

We take care of our Partners’ need and provide them with plans that are the most beneficial.

Build Your Own Network

Our Partners have the liberty to grow their business, make money and build a network. They can deal with as many resellers and clients as they wish.

Sell DSC at Fantastic Price

We strive for growth and we want our partners to grow with us. Our partners earn huge profits by selling DSC at amazing prices.

Instant Approval (BIO)

We have instant and document-free approval on biometric-based process.

Anonymous Reseller

Our partners are free to associate with as many resellers or end users as they wish. Their customer details are anonymous and we don’t keep any records of their clients.

Unbeatable System

Our user-friendly cash and account system is unmatched and easily accessible. We provide facilities for different needs of the partners. Our facilities include Capricorn.Lite which is a mini version of Cash for faster processing and placing orders. We also provide a Desktop Order Application which is an alternate version of cash where the client can process DSCs, send notifications, get notifications without opening the whole system. Along with these, we provide Cash Marketing, Cash Account Management and Cash Sales.

Proactive Support System

Our support team is always there to help you out. Our support system is fast and trouble-free. You can easily Connect with our Contact Manager. Apart from our support team, we have a technical team to assist you with the procedure and a marketing team to take you through the process.


We provide necessary workshop and training to our partners to help them excel.

Channel Program

Our DSC Channel Program offers several advantages over traditional and competitive DSC programs in the Industry.

For more details visit our Channel Program page.