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Capricorn DSC Partner Program

Our Digital Signature or DSC partner program is designed for primarily targeting companies who are engaged in selling Digital Signature Certificate (DSC), eSign Services, PKI Services and signing related services. They can start their own DSC business direct from Licensed Certifying Authority in India.

Our comprehensive Partner Program helps YOUR company grow with us by adopting technologically advanced solutions and by offering value for money product & services to your clients.

Our 3'C program (Connect-Communicate-Cash) is designed for convenient and easy sign-up. Our sign up process is quick and hassle-free. anyone can join easily and quick with us. send us your basic details through the query form.


Connect to our contact manager just by sending your basic contact details through the contact form, our contact manager will connect you soon with your query.


Our Partner Program Representative will get in touch with you and explain you the process and help you in signing up for the Partner Program.


Become a partner and sell DSC at your own prices. Our partners have the liberty to sell their DSC at any price they prefer.

Why Capricorn ?

We are a partner first company, we keep the needs of our partners first. We make DSC buying easy and quick for the subscriber, Our partner program helps you to start your own DSC business and be the part of most preferred and fastest-growing DSC Brand, Become a partner to start selling digital signature certificate (DSC) by creating your own network.

Learn more about the features of our partner program.

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The one who reads better always has many questions to ask. And we believe the same for you. So, if you have got any questions or queries, feel free to reach us by filling in the required details in the query form. Our trained professionals and specialists would be more than happy to provide you the best solutions.