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Digital Signature For GST

Digital Signature for GST is indispensable for an organization or business to file their GST returns online. Any company can designate their employee as authorized signatories to perform any transaction at the GST common portal. It can be pursued on behalf of the company's authorization by using class 3 GST DSC.

digital signature for gst

For registering a company at the GST common portal, a Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate to file GSTR is required. DSC resembles the physical paper-based certification that ensures signing documents electronically.

A class 3 DSC is advised to file a GST returns submission online at the GST portal. To maintain feasibility and convenience in the GST filing process, a class 3 Digital Signature Certificate with the validity of 1, 2, and 3 years is used.

The Usage of DSC in the Enlistment of Companies at the GST Common Portal

The GST common portal enables many companies to acquire the pre-requisite information about GST tax return submission. A GST Digital Signature Certificate helps users to file tax returns online. This validates the identity and previously performed transactions of the company at the GST portal.

Any taxpayer can avail of various benefits by adopting Digital Signature Certificate DSC for GST e-filing and online request submission for registration. Its uses increase the guaranteed protection of data exchanged and transactions made while GSTR e-filing.

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Process To Obtain Capricorn Class 3 DSC For GST E-filing

Capricorn CA is a licensed Certifying Authority which is authorized by the Controller of Certifying Authority, Government of India. We issue paperless class 3 Digital Signature Certificates for various GST uses. Anyone can obtain their Class 3 DSC for GST purposes by following some essential steps required during the application process.

You can apply for Capricorn DSC through various modes of application followed by E-KYC verification. After completion of the process, You can download your GST Digital Signature on a USB token.

The following modes of application are given below:

  • 1. Online Aadhaar-Based Paperless Mode
  • 2. Online Aadhaar OTP Mode
  • 3. Online Aadhaar Biometric Mode
  • 4. Capricorn Existing e-KYC Mode
  • 5. PAN-Based Mode
  • 6. Offline Aadhaar-Based Mode

To obtain a Capricorn Class 3 DSC for GST returns submission, click on the visible “Buy Certificate” button at the top of the page. Select the appropriate mode and follow the same procedure.

Leveraging the benefits of Class 3 DSC for GST E-Filing

Several benefits associated with the GST return filing can be obtained by using a class 3 Digital Signature. Let us discuss some utilities which are mentioned below.

  • 1. The process of applying for GST returns with DSC is fast, easy, and convenient. It reduces time at the check post and helps to reduce tax evasion.
  • 2. DSC helps in the establishment of the ownership of a domain.
  • 3. It provides total protection against cyber attacks, data breaching or forgery, etc.
  • 4. It electronically authenticates the taxpayer's identity and records claimed by them.
  • 5. The DSC registration at the GST common portal ensures total safety and security. It offers complete safety and security to the information exchanged and the transactions made online.