Digital Signature Certificate For GST

Most companies appoint their employees as authorized signatories, allowing them to sign and file their returns digitally on their behalf. Any individual registered on the authorized person tab of the GST portal can file and sign GSTR using their digital signature certificates for GST.

DSC for GST acts as a substitute for the hand-written signature used to file GST digitally. For GST enrollment, a Class 3 DSC is needed, with a validity of 1, 2, or 3 years. It eventually saves your precious time and reduces the pressure of standing in long queues.

digital signature certificate

Digital Signature Certificate for GST Portal

As a registered certifying authority, Capricorn awards you DSCs to file GSTR at ease. So, if you are an Aadhaar or PAN- cardholder, you can apply for your DSC swiftly without showing any physical paper or physical presence.

The GST Common Portal serves as a medium to enable taxpayers to meet GST pre-requisites such as filing tax returns and paying taxes. Enrollment under GST implies verifying the data of existing taxpayers and entering information in necessary fields. The process remains the same, whether the taxpayer falls under the purview of the Center, State, or Union Territory Tax Acts.

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The Host of benefits offered by DSC for GST

Below mentioned are some of the prominent benefits offered by DSCs that will make your GST filling work easy and smooth:

Make online transactions secure and authentic

Establish ownership of a domain

Fast and reduced time at check post and help reduce tax evasions.

Safety from any fraud or foreign activities.

Capricorn provides you the best assistance from generating your application to downloading them. Our team will be happy to help you with the best solutions for your questions or queries.