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EPFO Digital Signature

EPFO, Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation, a retirement fund body which on a mandatory basis provides universal social security coverage to all the salaried employees in INDIA, has introduced the online transfer claims. As per the new CCA guidelines, it has become a mandate to utilize the Digital Signature Certificate For EPFO by the users who want to e-file their application for the EPFO fund transfer to their account.


The use of Digital Signature on the EPFO website makes the entire transaction process transparent and fast. As far as its usage is concerned, every employee can submit their claim request to the present or previous employer. The exclusive user account and portal gives you the comfort to view, verify, correct, approve, and submit your filing request online at the EPFO website.

Digital Signature for EPFO / EPF Portal

Capricorn Class 3 DSC helps to file and sign the claim transfer form for the employee. The system allows you to mark your presence in the given time by using the dedicated web portals on the EPFO website. They make your job easier, convenient, and cost-saving in handling the claim forms used to transfer PF. To sum up, the application of a digital signature certificate of the authorized signatory of the organization at the Online Transfer Claim Portal, validates the identity of their applicant

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Benefits Of Using Class 3 DSC for EPFO

EPFO has asked the employers seeking to file claims online to register their exclusive DSCs on the portal. A Class 3 DSC issued by a licensed Certifying Authority (CA) fulfills your purpose of registration at the EPFO portal. The applicant can use their Aadhaar or Pan Card to obtain their exclusive paperless DSC online at the comfort of their home. Capricorn Paperless Class 3 DSC for EPFO makes your job easier, faster, and cost-efficient in handling the employee Provident Fund transfer process.