Digital Signature Certificate For DGFT

DGFT DSC is an essential digital contrivance for performing online transactions and registering the organizations at the portal. To accomplish the foreign exchange of goods and services, some business groups are registered as Export and Import Organizations (EXIM Organizations).

Global Trade is now a necessity to reduce any stringency of resources for different developing or developed nations as it connects different countries in a network of import and export systems worldwide.

Know More About Foreign Trade Digital Signature

In order to record the data of the IET foreign organization, a digital signature certificate is needed to authenticate the documents electronically at the DGFT portal. Due to a large number of foreign transactions happening, it is essential to submit an online application accompanied by a class 3 Digital Signature for IEC code registration on the DGFT website.

Method To Procure Capricorn Class 3 DSC for Import/Export

The process for obtaining a Capricorn DSC for Import/Export license is simple, nuisance-free, and convenient. As it is mandated to use digital signature for DGFT (Directorate General of Foreign Trade) for license issuance to enable the foreign trading process.

You can avail of DGFT digital signature through different modes of application followed by verification. Somes application modes are mentioned below:

Online Aadhaar-Based Paperless Mode

Capricorn Existing e-KYC Mode

Online Aadhaar OTP Mode

PAN-Based Mode

Online Aadhaar Biometric Mode

Offline Aadhaar-Based Mode

Capricorn paperless DSC helps foreign traders in their import and export business functions, safer transactions of business data at the DGFT portal, and protects business records from any cyber threat and fraudulent practices.

Usage of DSC in Verification of Applications and forms at DGFT Portal

Digital Signature Certificate corroborates the authenticity and the probity of the digital documents that are submitted to the DGFT for obtaining a license for import/export business. It is a safer and more secure digital tool that maintains the confidentiality of the data. Let us discuss the practical implementations of DSC for the DGFT portal.

For online registration of the organization

DSC facilitates the online registration of organizations for foreign trade at the DGFT portal. Since it authenticates the identity of the organization electronically. The use of digital signature certificates saves time and effort in the registration process for import/export businesses.

For the DGFT license application

Digital Signature Certificate is empowered with a multilayer cybersecurity feature. It makes the online procedure of applying for a license easy and protects from every sort of cyberattack. Thus, it prevents any hamper or encumbrance in the license application process. You can safely track your signed documents through the DGFT portal.

For authenticity of the data

Since DSC has encryption and decryption mechanisms, it is difficult to make any change or alteration in the documents while doing any transaction at the DGFT portal. Therefore, DSC ensures the complete genuineness of the information exchanged.

Deduction in DGFT License Fees

The DGFT has reduced the cost of the license for import and export businesses if an organization submits an application online.

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