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Digital Signature Hardware

Our company has tested & approved the following products which conform to the established International Security Level for protection of your credentials.

We do not endorse any company. The companies of the product listed here have agreed to offer Quality Technical Support along with assurance that their products will be available across India for users to buy conveniently.

Products Download HardwareSupport
capricorn Capricorn USB Token
SafeNet eToken 5110
+91 120 4788 000 (Noida)
+91 22 6167 5900 (New Delhi)
e-pass ePass
ePass 2003
0712 663 8888
022 6264 4650
020 49105678

Any of the USB devices mentioned above could be used to save Digital Signature Certificate. These devices are reliable, safe and portable. To download DSC you have to insert the USB token (in which you want to download the certificate) to your computer and install its driver (pertaining to the making of the token) which can be downloaded from the section mentioned above. Only after installing the driver you would be able to download the certificate in the token.

If you are a hardware OEM or distributor, we will be more than happy to integrate your product in our eco-system. For further details please contact sales@Certificate.Digital