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Digital Signature Hardware

Here is a list of all the DSC token drivers that has been tested and approved by Capricorn Identity Services Pvt. Ltd. to provide you with the confidence of the global standard of security for your signing certificate.

Your digital signature certificates can be saved on any of the featured USB devices.

Products Download HardwareSupport
e-pass usb token HYP20030712 663 8888
Proxkey token Watchdata Proxkey 022 6264 4650
Gemelto USB TokenGemalto
SafeNet eToken 5110
+91 120 4788 000 (Noida)
+91 22 6167 5900 (New Delhi)
m-token driver
020 49105678

The best thing about using USB tokens to sign desired files is how simple and quick it is to install them on any system. For token users or signers, using password protected tokens ensures a high level of protection; Additionally, the signed documents cannot ever be changed without the signer’s consent. Individuals and Organizations are now able to execute their signing operations from remote places due to the two - factor authentication process, secure local and remote desktop login and other features!

epass 2003 token driver

gemalto token driver

m token driver

Proxkey token driver

This is to be noted that Capricorn Identity Services Pvt. Ltd. does not endorse any of the aforementioned companies. The companies which sell the particular products listed here have agreed to offer quality technical support along with an assurance that their products will be available across India for users to buy conveniently.

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