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Digital Signature for Income Tax

Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) has emerged as a globally trusted, secure, and safe digital tool that streamlines all your e-filing processes.

DSC is enabled with many such features that offer a cyber nuisance-free space for your confidential information and records for e-filing income tax returns online.

The income tax department holds the E-filing of Income Tax Return (ITR) as mandatory for individuals/professionals whose gross annual income is 25 lakhs and above, and the businesses or corporate firms having an annual turnover of 1crore and above as per the revised provision under section 44AB of Information Technology Act, 2000.

Income tax dsc

To submit a tax return, you must affix your documents with the Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate. By doing so, you protect your essential personal data from any cyber scam or data breach. Furthermore, DSC maintains the authenticity and integrity of the information exchanged during the e-filing ITR process.

Procedure To Obtain DSC For E-Filing ITR

A Digital Signature Certificate for filing an income tax return should be authorized and validated by a licensed Certifying Authority, which issues DSC under the terms and conditions of the Controller of Certifying Authority CCA, Government of India.

Capricorn CA provides a class 3 Digital Signature Certificate (Income Tax) for making the e-filing process fuss-free and convenient. DSC allows you to streamline the procedure of tax return submission on the Income Tax Portal. You can directly apply for Capricorn Class 3 DSC for income tax e-filing in paperless mode by using online Aadhaar OTP-based, PAN-based, or Biometric enabled e-KYC verification.

To obtain a Capricorn DSC for the purpose of e-filing ITR, click on the Buy Certificate button which is visible at the top of the page. After completing some essential steps required to apply for DSC, you can download your DSC in USB tokens within a few minutes. The whole process is easy, simple, and flexible and is completed within a stipulated time.

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DSC Utilities for Online Filing Income Tax Return

Digital Signature offers a number of benefits when it comes to e-filing of Income Tax returns and ITR-related issues. Digitally sign your electronic documents and ensure a safe and secure information exchange on the income tax filing portal. Some of the important benefits are listed below :

Since DSC is equipped with encryption and decryption mechanisms, data breaching or cyber-attacking is negligible while using DSC with the submission of a tax return.

Digital Signature is enabled with public and private keys, which guarantee to prevent any alteration or change in the documents after signing.

The usage of DSC is acknowledged in many states of India as well as abroad too.

Digital Signature comes with more security, flexibility, and usability than any other conventional or electronic signature.

A very prominent benefit of income tax DSC is that it holds your personal information and records confidential during ITR e-filing. It ensures the safety of your documents from any cyber threat or online spam. You can avail all these benefits with a digital signature.