Digital Signature for Income Tax

Buying a Digital Signature for Income Tax e-filing from a certified authority like Capricorn CA is the easiest way to secure documents and handle complex financial transactions. All taxpayers have now the convenience and flexibility to file their returns online. It has made return submission hassle-free and reduced the chances of unauthorized access, cyber-attacks, and fraud.

While submitting or e-filing income tax returns online, taxpayers should affix their Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate to file the tax return documents. The application of DSC keeps the authenticity of the shared file alive and secured. It is an easy, safe, and hassle-free process to file the IT return online using the DSC.

Obtain Class 3 Digital signature Certificate for Income Tax e-Filing

We at Capricorn provide a Class 3 signing certificate to make your e-filing process hassle-free at Income Tax Portal. You can apply for a DSC for income tax efiling in a paperless manner using your "PAN" or "Aadhaar” based eKYC verification Paperless DSC. The whole process is simple and enables you to download your DSC in just 15 minutes. After procurement of the DSC,

you can download these certificates into the USB tokens. To obtain your Digital Signature for ITR e-filing, use the “BUY DSC BUTTON” flashing on this page

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Benefits Of Using DSC For Income Tax e-filing

The application of DSC makes the e-filing process of IT return easy and hassle-free. It is also considered a secure way to file the Income-Tax Return (ITR). In addition, some of the prominent benefits are prescribed below:

Digital Signature offers more security than any other conventional or electronic signature.

India's and even the majority of the world's governments recognize digital signatures.

The risks of attacks from hackers or phishing emails to steal sensitive data are minimum.

Your documents remain secure and cannot be edited or altered in any way after signing.

The greatest advantage of using DSCs, at the time of e-filing ITR is the privacy of the confidential data when shared online. These are some of the highlighting and known benefits that a taxpayer can avail if he has Digital Signatures certificates for Income Tax Return by his side.