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DSC for Foreign National

The Capricorn DSC for Foreign Nationals ensures a secure medium for individuals & organizations to authenticate any file from anywhere in the world. A class 3 Digital Signature Certificate helps foreign nationals to avail of various government facilities by registering them at different government portals. It prevents cyber harm to information security while applying to several government departments such as DGFT, ICEGATE, etc.

Foreign National DSC

Capricorn Paperless Class 3 Digital Signature For Foreign Nationals

A Class 3 Digital Signature for Foreign National helps the foreign individual/company to perform transactions and share other sensitive files in a safe manner. These certificates can be issued to foreign individuals or authorized signatories residing in India and working for the concerned organizations.

Procedure To Obtain Capricorn Class 3 DSC

The Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate for NRI or Foreign Individual can be obtained from a Certifying Authority CA. Capricorn CA is a licensed Certifying Authority that is authorized by the Controller of Certifying Authority CCA. We issue Foreign DSC to foreign individuals, companies, and organizations under the guidelines of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

For obtaining a Capricorn Class 3 DSC, click on the ‘Buy Certificate’ button and proceed to the application process. You can apply for a DSC through different application modes and provide the essential details. After successful completion of the application process, you can download your foreign DSC.

List of Documents Required for Foreign Individuals

1. Scanned copy of ID Proof issued by the local government.

2. Scanned copy of a valid Address Proof.

3. Personal Contact Details of the applicant.

4. E-Mail, Mobile, and Video Verification of the applicant.

List of Documents Required for Foreign Organisations

1. Scanned copy of employee ID proof of the applicant or authorized signatory.

2. Scanned copy of Organization Address Proof.

3. Scanned copy of Organization Authorization Letter.

4. Scanned copy of Registration/Incorporation Document.

5. Applicant and Organization details.

6. E-Mail, Mobile, & Video Verification of the Applicant.

Advantages of Capricorn Class 3 DSC for Foreign Individuals & Organizations

Several benefits can be derived from using a Class 3 DSC, Some benefits related to its usage are mentioned below :

DSC ensures a high level of security and safety to your data.

It digitally affirms your identity at any government portal.

It facilitates the processes of filing income tax returns, e-tenders, and participating in e-auctions and other services.

DSC can digitally sign any documents/forms in bulk numbers from anywhere and anytime while saving time, cost, and effort.

It helps you to establish the ownership of a domain.

The foreign DSC safeguards entities against cyber threats.