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Capricorn Individual DSC

The use of digital signing technologies in official document signing processes is being accepted and promoted by many professionals worldwide. Capricorn Class 3 Individual Digital Signature Certificate DSC is utilized by experts in the sectors of CA and CS, as well as by lawyers and other authorities connected to the legal sector, independent contractors, and other professionals. As per the Information Technology Act 2000, Government of India, it is necessary to attach your Class 3 Individual DSC with your application whenever you perform any transaction at the Government portal.

Any professional who is engaged in their own small business, CA & CS, vendors, legal firms, or an officially employed person can apply for their Capricorn Class 3 Individual DSC and procure the same for themselves in a couple of simple steps.

Use Cases of Capricorn Class 3 DSC for Individuals

Affixing a document with a digital certificate makes it impenetrable as then it can not be altered and also enables it to be legally binding in the court of law. Contracts, applications, agreements, purchase orders and other documents which are signed digitally are protected with a much needed layer of cybersecurity.

Here are a few of the many individual uses for class 3 digital signature certificates:

e-filing of income tax returns ITR

Online GST application

e-ticketing at the IRCTC portal

Filing legal cases with DSC

e-procurement, e-tendering services

MCA/ROC e-filing

Benefits of Capricorn Class 3 DSC for Individuals

The reasons for why should you buy a DSC and digitize your signing processes are multiple, Let’s see some of the highlighted key benefits of the digital signing process –

Since DSC uses a private key encryption function to protect your data, you have the legal right of non-repudiation. No one can simply contest the accuracy of the information contained in a document that has a digital signing certificate attached.

Hassle-free, direct processing at a no. of official portals and websites.

Replace the sign-print-scan process and save a hefty amount of time, cost and manual effort.

In a few simple steps, you can buy individual dsc with Capricorn - licensed certifying authority CA. We pledge to issue digital signatures with fair pricing, exceptional service, and a variety of digital signing options to maximize the impact of security in your daily operations.