Capricorn Individual DSC

The propagation of highly advanced technologies and the value of digital ingenuity emphasize the use of digitally driven solutions in one's life. Many professionals and individual entities are accepting and promoting the implementation of digital signing solutions in their formal document signing process. The Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate solves the complex problems of performing online transactions for procuring various government and private services.

Capricorn Class 3 Individual Digital Signature Certificate is used by professionals pro-founding from the fields of CA, CS, lawyers, or other authorities associated with legal services, self-employed people, and other professionals.

Use Cases of Capricorn Class 3 DSC for Individuals

Class 3 Digital Signatures are being used extensively by many professionals for all their signing work. Signing documents through class 3 DSC ensures the safety and confidentiality of the personal data shared online to various service platforms. You can save your precious time, effort, and cost by implementing individual DSC into your professional work.

Let us discuss some of the usages of class 3 Digital Signatures for individual purposes, given as follows:

For e-filing of income tax returns ITR

For online submission of GST Returns

You can use DSC for e-ticketing at the IRCTC portal

For filing legal cases with DSC

For e-procurement, e-tendering services

MCA/ROC e-filing

And many more...

Benefits of Capricorn Class 3 DSC for Individuals

Several benefits can be extracted from using class 3 individual DSC in various government departments as well as private offices. A Digital Signature is a modern utility that enhances your signing processes and provides a complete safeguard to your identity details.

DSC is enabled with a cybersecurity framework that ensures the safety and complete protection of your documents/files/records.

Your data is encrypted in DSC with a private key function, thus it gives you the legal non-repudiation right. No one can easily deny the integrity of the data stored in a document affixed with a digital signing certificate.

It electronically authenticates your identity at various government portals.

Now you can digitally sign your multiple documents/forms within a few minutes anywhere and anytime