Enterprise Consulting

We provide specialized consulting to enterprises, we understand an enterprise requires deeper integration of a solution within their applications. Every organization has its own process and workflow management, considering this situation our team works with system integrators, application developers and solution providers to help firms integrate various components in their applications. Our services and tools offer complete flexibility to help the developers integrate our tools at any level and in any way.

Pki components
PKI Components

We have components that will enable your preferred portal to be PKI-compatible. These components further will recognize and validate Digital Signature Certificates from the browser itself. The components can be configured to work with all the aspects of DSC including signing and encryption at the client's end.

Pki components
PKI Authentication API

We have an authentication API thus helping companies to authenticate user credentials on DSC before allowing the users to proceed to various secure areas on the website.

Pki components
Signing & Encryption Components

We have various tools which can be used to enable your desktop / server for signing and encryption within your application. This can be accessed through API for easier integration.

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