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We provides document signer certificate, Bulk Document Signer for HSM and USB to sign all types of documnets (pdf, docs, etc)

Document Signer Certificate

Document Signer Certificates enable automatic bulk digital signing of documents by organizations to integrate them into their software application. Document Signer Certificates are issued to Organizations and are available in Class 2 and Class 3 Signer Certificate.

The ‘Organisational Document Signer Certificate’ is issued to organizational software applications for making the signing work automatic. These certificates help to authenticate documents/information attributed to the organization by the affixed Digital Signature applied on the document documents/Information.

They contain additional Object Identifiers (OID) in “Certificate Policies” of the certificate as (2.16.356.100.10.1) to limit the usage of this certificate only in the context of automated signing and also to reflect organizational accountability.

The Organisational Document Signer Certificates are different from a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC). These certificates are issued to an Organization for use by a person in official capacity bearing the name of the department or subdivision of the organization the person belongs to.

Therefore, it is noted that the ‘Document Signer Certificate’ is not a replacement for the signature of the authorized signatory of the organization.

We provide Document signer certificates on following devices and in different formats

  • Document Signer Certificate

    Our Class 2 Document Signer Certificate is in PFX format and gets installed on the server for signing in bulk and automated form.

  • Bulk Document Signer on USB

    Our Bulk Document Signer for USB lets multiple users sign a document. It allows bulk signing or automated signing.

  • Bulk Document Signer on HSM

    Our Document Signer for HSM gives the user the facility of multiple signatures along with the deployment cost of the solution.


Document Signer Certificates serve the purpose of automated signing. It also reflects organizational accountability. However, the certificates are not a replacement for the digital signature of the authorized signatory of organizations. If you are looking to purchase these certificates in the P12/PFX, kindly check the price mentioned below along with their class:

Document Signer - 1 year   - 25000/-

Document Signer - 2 years - 35000/-

Document Signer - 3 years - 50000/-

The given prices are inclusive of all taxes (18% GST).

You can also write to us at sales@Certificate.Digital or speak to our sales manager 011-614-00-055 who will assist you to buying document signer certificate and you can also use our web contact form and we would be more than happy to contact you.


We provides document signer certificate, Bulk Document Signer for HSM and USB to sign all types of documnets (pdf, docs, etc)