Document Signer Certificate

The document signer certificate enables you to digitally sign electronic documents in bulk - absolutely automatically. The signature is legally binding by the court of law under the IT Act, 2000. The largest enterprises globally are using this solution to save the cost, time, and human efforts that go behind signing a ton of documents. The solution is available in both - direct download to HSM and .pfx format.

USB Signer
Document Signer Certificate (.pfx)

A .pfx certificate is secure because it combines a digital certificate and private key in an encrypted file. This encryption, along with the use of public-key cryptography, protects the sensitive components of the certificate, making it difficult for unauthorized access and ensuring the integrity and authenticity of digital signatures.

HSM Signer
Document Signer Certificate (HSM)

A Document Signer Certificate with HSM (Hardware Security Module) combines a digital certificate with a dedicated hardware security module for enhanced security when digitally signing documents. This ensures the private key remains secure and protected from unauthorized access or tampering, making it highly reliable for secure document signing, offering physical and cryptographic protections that are extremely difficult to compromise.

Key Benefits

  • Authentication through affixed signatures
  • Security and privacy of documents ensured
  • Signing multiple documents in a single click is possible
  • Time-Effective Solution
  • Document signing on every page possible
  • Store all files in one place
  • Cost- Efficacy
  • No USB Token is needed for a Class 2 certificate
  • Folder signing possible
  • Transparency of the process thereby reducing ill-behavior

Technical Specification


Portable Format (.PFX file)


(HSM Certificate)

Use Cases


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