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Document Signer

Document Signer

We provides document signer certificate, Bulk Document Signer for HSM and USB to sign all types of documents (pdf, docs, etc)

Document Signer Certificate

Document Signer Certificates enable automatic bulk digital signing of documents by organizations to integrate them into their software application. Document Signer Certificates are issued in the name of the Organization and are available in Class 2 and Class 3 Certificate.

The ‘Organisational Document Signer Certificates’ are issued to organisational software applications for operating automatically to authenticate documents/information attributed to the organization by using Digital Signature applied to the documents/Information.

They contain additional Object Identifiers (OID) in “Certificate Policies” of the certificate as (2.16.356.100.10.1) to limit the usage of this certificate only in the context of automated signing and also to reflect organizational accountability.

The Organisational Document Signer Certificate is different from a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) issued to an Organization for the use of a person in an official capacity bearing the name of the department or subdivision of the organization to which the person belongs.

Therefore, it may be noted that the ‘Document Signer Certificate’ is not a replacement for the authorized signatory's signature.

We have provided this solution to famed enterprises, hotel chains and banking service providers, and the response in unison has been exhilarating as this solution has eased their day to day workings, made their systems more fluent and efficient while cutting out their major signing issues.

Capricorn Document Signer Certificate

Our Class 2 Document Signer Certificate is in PFX format and gets installed on the server which makes signing bulk documents automatically possible. These solutions act as pdf signers too, they can basically sign all types of documents.

Bulk Document Signer on USB

Our Bulk Document Signer for USB lets multiple users sign a document. The solution validates the Integrity, Authenticity and Non-repudiation of the documents. The user-friendly interface allows you to customize the signature properties. The application has an API which allows multiple users within the organization to sign the document from a central location.

Bulk Document Signer on HSM

Our Class 3 Document Signer Certificate is HSM Based, it gives the user the facility of multiple signatures along with the deployment cost of the solution. Our ready made solution aids the companies which enables them to use the HSM in minutes. It has the ability to use multiple signatures. The API built into the software also helps deeper and more efficient integration of HSM within legacy applications.

Key Benefits -

  • Authentication through affixed signatures
  • Security and privacy of documents ensured
  • Store all files at one place
  • Cost-Efficacy
  • Time-Effective Solution
  • No USB Token needed in Class 2 certificate
  • Signing multiple documents in a single click possible
  • Folder signing possible
  • Document signing on every page possible
  • Ensures a Paperless Workflow
  • Transparency of the process thereby reducing ill-behavior

Technical Specifications -

Class 2 - .pfx file, portable format

Class 3 - .cer file, HSM Based

Use Cases -

  • Corporate document signing
  • Hotel Chains
  • Banks
  • Invoice signing
  • GST Practitioners
  • UIDAI Servers
  • Data Authentication


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We provides document signer certificate, Bulk Document Signer for HSM and USB to sign all types of documnets (pdf, docs, etc)