Terms of Services

Certificate Application and Issuance - Applicant can either apply online or manually for Digital Signature Certificate. The Application Form is printed, signed(in blue ink) by the Applicant and submitted with all relevant documents. For Class 3 DSC a video recording of the applicant is taken as well. Application and documents are verified by RA. After the completion of verification process, an email is sent to the registered e-mail address of the applicant containing a link to generate the DSC. “Auth Key” is sent on the registered mobile number of the applicant. To download Class 2/Class 3 DSC the applicant has to click on the link, enter the Auth Key and agree to Terms & Conditions given. Downloading of the Certificate is deemed as acceptance. Capricorn CA has the authority to reject an application if the verification process fails.

Confidentiality Policy - Capricorn CA keeps the data and transaction information of the customer confidential unless disclosure is required as per law. Customer also has to keep the information confidential as well. However, Capricorn CA doesn't have to keep the following confidential - • Subscriber’s information in the DSC • CRL • The contents of this CPS • Information of Capricorn CA on the official website of Capricorn CA - Certificate.Digital . If the information is leaked from the site for any reason beyond our control Capricorn CA shall not be held responsible for the same.

Changes in Terms and Condition - We follow the laws and regulations of Government of India in our agreement. All changes, updates and modification are as per government instructions. We regularly update our CPS on the website. Users are responsible for checking and being informed of the changes made in the agreement.

Fees - The fees structure of DSC is mentioned on the official website Certificate.Digital . Capricorn CA holds the right to make any change in the fees it charges for its service. Such changes are effective immediately after mentioning them on Capricorn CA’s website. Capricorn CA doesn’t charge for the following -Certificate access, revocation of certificate, Information regarding the status. If a customer wants the printed copy of the CPS, the charges will be Rs.2500.

Intellectual Property Rights(IP) - Capricorn CA holds sole and absolute right over its Intellectual Property which includes but is not limited to the Certificate, software, firmware, hardware, CPS, Copyrights, Trademarks, Capricorn CA documentation, proprietary processes and methods developed deployed, whether disclosed or undisclosed. Any other entity is prohibited to interfere, with or reverse engineer the technical implementation of Capricorn CA DSC service in a manner that isn’t permitted in this CPS. In case of violation of the above-stated statement legal action would be taken.

Revocation and Suspension of Certificates - Capricorn CA will only revoke a Certificate if it is requested by the holder. Revoked or suspended DSC shall be updated in the CRL.

In addition, Capricorn CA shall also revoke a DSC in the following circumstances (including but not limited to)

Similar Trademarks, Logos, Domains

Trademarks, Logos, Domains, Taglines etc of other companies that hold a similarity to Capricorn CA are neither owned nor endorsed by Capricorn CA. Capricorn CA has not permitted anyone to use such symbols on its behalf.

In addition, Capricorn CA shall also revoke a DSC in the following circumstances (including but not limited to)

  • Capricorn CA’s private key or systems are compromised.
  • The Subscriber’s private key corresponding to the public key in the DSC has been compromised.
  • A material fact represented in the DSC has changed or is false or has been concealed.
  • Upon the death or insolvency of the Subscriber
  • Upon the dissolution of the Firm / Company where the Subscriber is a Firm / Company
  • Any other circumstances as may be determined by the Capricorn CA in accordance with the rules or regulations or the governing law. RA is informed to revoke the DSC. The applicant is informed via email and SMS on the registered email address and mobile number.

Security Audits - Every event related to the security and safety of the system of Capricorn CA is recorded in audit log file. Events like change in Digital Signature Certificate creation policies, login and logoff attempts, system start-up and shutdown etc are recorded.

Highly critical logs shall be reviewed daily. Moderately critical logs shall be reviewed weekly and low critical logs shall be reviewed monthly. All audit logs are protected with read-only permissions to prevent any modification to the logs.

Refund Policy - Capricorn CA does not provide any refund for any service provided. If Capricorn CA denies service to an applicant who has already paid the fees, in that case, fees is refunded. In case of partners and resellers, if there is no issuance pending on their behalf, we refund the full balance in their account.

In Case of Compromise or Disaster - If Capricorn CA’s keys are compromised all DSCs shall be revoked. The users shall be informed by email and CRL will be updated immediately.

Users shall be provided with new DSCs and they shall be informed of the activation. Subscribers shall be asked to download the new key pairs on their tokens.

The user shall make a request for the revocation of the DSC if it is compromised. The request shall be accompanied by adequate documentation to authenticate the requestor as the user. Capricorn CA shall revoke the Subscriber DSC and notify the Subscriber of the action taken.

Capricorn CA has documented and implemented a Disaster Recovery Plan. Details of this plan are confidential and shall not be published in this CPS.

Liability Disclaimer - Capricorn CA makes no other warranties other than those expressly stated in this CPS. Capricorn CA shall not be liable for any decision taken by the user. Unless specifically stated in this CPS, Capricorn CA including its directors, employees, agents, representatives etc. shall not be responsible and liable for Capricorn CA services for any direct, indirect, consequential, remote loss/damage of any kind including but not limited to loss of data, loss of goodwill, loss of profits, loss of business, loss of opportunities, loss of reputation etc., caused by whatever acts / omissions / failures / defaults. Capricorn CA shall not be liable for any decision taken by the user. User should use his/her discretion. For further information visit our Disclaimer page.

Financial Responsibility - Capricorn CA does not provide any warranty of any financial transactions between the user and relying parties carried out through the DSC issued by Capricorn CA. The Subscriber and the relying parties shall be responsible for any damage, loss or any consequence arising out of such transactions.

Dispute Resolution - Capricorn CA resolves any dispute arising with the user within 30 days. If the dispute is not solved within 30 days, it is referred to CCA.

Refer to Current CPS for complete information and further clarification. CPS 1.1 is our guiding tool, all of our policies and actions are governed by it.