How to Install Digital Signature in Windows and Add to PDF?

DSC is essential to sign multiple documents digitally and protect your sensitive data and information. However, some technical issues or configurations can affect your system and cause various issues or interruptions in the entire procedure. Install digital signature in Windows 10 with a secure and smooth process. This ensures that only digitally signed and trusted providers can load and run on your system.

What is a Digital Signature?

A digital signature is a cryptographic technique that verifies the identity of the sender and ensures the integrity of a digital document. Much like a handwritten signature on a paper document, this adds a layer of authenticity to electronic files.

Role of Digital Signatures in Data Authentication

Digital signatures provide a secure way to sign electronic documents to assure recipients that the content hasn't been altered and originates from the claimed source. This enhances trust in online transactions, legal agreements, and various digital processes.

Digital signatures offer several benefits in ensuring data authenticity. These include:


Digital signatures use advanced encryption algorithms to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of the digital documents. They protect it from unauthorized access, modifications, or alterations for a smooth procedure.


The recipient can verify the origin and authenticity of a document by validating the attached digital signature. This verification process ensures that the document has not been altered since the signature was applied. It adds an extra layer of trust between both the parties involved and confirms the accuracy of electronic communications.


A digital signature binds the signer to the document, preventing them from denying their involvement. It is crucial in legal and business contexts to offer robust accountability in the procedure.

How to Install Digital Signature in Windows 10

Learn how to secure and install a Capricorn DSC in this easy and simple manual:

Prepare Your System

Before you begin the installation process, make sure to plug in the Capricorn USB token and temporarily disable your antivirus and firewall to prevent any further interruptions.

Use Internet Explorer

Open Internet Explorer (IE 9 or above) on your Windows 10 system. It is recommended to use IE 11 for optimal compatibility.

Download DSC

Click on the "Download DSC" button displayed on the screen. You will be redirected to the Capricorn Cash window.

Provide Details

Enter your DSC Order ID, PIN Code, and the Download Key sent to your registered mobile number. Click on "SUBMIT" for verification.

Select FIPS Token

After verification, select FIPS Token and click on the "DOWNLOAD DSC NOW" button to install digital signature certificate in the Capricorn Branded USB token.

How to Add Digital Signature to PDF Online

Now that your Capricorn DSC is installed, let's explore how to add digital signature to PDF free easily and securely:

1. Check File: Identify the PDF file you want to sign.

2. Insert USB Token: Connect your Capricorn Branded USB token to your device.

3. Open PDF File: Open the PDF file you want to sign digitally using a compatible reader.

4. Access Certificates: Select "Tools" in the menu bar, go to "Certificates," and click on "Open" to expedite the application process.

5. Digital Signature: Click on the "Digitally Sign" option that appears at the top of the toolbar. Drag and select the area where you want to add the signature.

6. Choose DSC: A pop-up window will display all available digital signature certificates. Choose your Capricorn DSC and click "Continue."

7. Customize Signature: View the details of your DSC and customize your signature as needed.

8. Sign and Save: Click "Sign," and save the PDF document with a preferred name, and provide your valid DSC User PIN.

9. Finalize: Once saved successfully, your digital signature will be embedded in the PDF document with robust security measures.

Best Practices for Digital Signatures

Choose a Trusted Provider

Select a reputable and reliable licensed certificate authority like Capricorn CA for secure digital signing solutions and install digital signature easily in your system.

Regularly Update Certificates:

Keep your digital signature certificates up to date for optimal security. In case your DSC gets lost or corrupted, re-download the certificate again in minutes at no extra cost.

Secure Your PIN

Safeguard your DSC User PIN to prevent unauthorized access and fraud.


DSC is a valuable investment to secure your future and financial well-being. Understanding and learning how to Install digital signature and certificates in Windows 10 is essential to run your business operations smoothly. With a reliable and licensed certificate authority like Capricorn CA, you can enhance the authenticity and security of your digital documents easily. Follow the step-by-step guide provided above and make transactions confidently that are both secure and trustworthy.