Benefits To Avail DSC For Foreign National & Organizations

With the advent of digital technologies, the use of Digital assets and tools is increasing day by day. The more significant number of digital and computer-based technologies also raise the risks of cyber threats. To prevent any cyber spam or harm, digital signatures are the best and safer option for performing any exchange related to the documents required.

Why Does a Foreign National Need Class 3 DSC?

Many foreign nationals including Indian national overseas can apply, and citizens of other countries or foreign citizens residing in India can apply for a Class 3 Digital Signature to safely transact in the country. People residing overseas can easily apply for their DSC from any Certifying Authority like Capricorn CA. With the help of validated class 3 DSC, any foreign entity can perform online transactions such as filing income tax returns, registering for a company or LLP incorporation, etc.

Process For Obtaining Class 3 Foreign DSC

The class 3 paperless Digital Signatures for foreign nationals can be obtained from any Certifying Authority CA such as Capricorn CA. The Controller of Certifying Authority CCA regulates these Certifying Authorities.

Some Notable features & benefits of Class 3 DSC for Foreign nationals

1. DSC digitally authenticates your identity at any government portals.
2. It guarantees high multilayer assistance in cybersecurity.
3. It assists you in establishing the ownership of a domain.
4. For a foreign-based company, it helps you to trade and provides access to various government services like filing ITR, e-tender, participating in the e-auction, etc.