Digital Signing now has moved main stream where now companies are embracing PKI to improve work flow management, accountability and transparency by using various solutions.

Our solutions helps organization to adopt PKI quickly and inexpensively.

An overview of all our solutions and offerings are given below :

Bulk Document Signer on USB

Our windows based solution allows your certificate stored in the USB token to sign in bulk or in automated mode. The user friendly interface allows you to customize the signature properties. The application has API which allows multiple users within the organization to sign the document from a central location.

Bulk Document Signer for HSM

Our ready made solution helps companies to use their HSM within minutes. Our application has ability to use multiple signatures. It helps organization to minimize their cost in deployment of solution. The API built into the software also helps deeper and more efficient integration of HSM within legacy applications.

Document Signer Certificate

We offer Class 2 Document Signer Certificates to organizations in PFX format. The certificate can be installed on server for signing documents in bulk. The certificate can be used for automation of signing by organization. The certificate is allowed by the CCA and legally valid. Please click here to download the application form for Document Signer Certificate.

You can also write to us at sales@Certificate.Digital or speak to our connect manager at +91-9560342507 who will assist you in connecting to our partner or business manager. You can also use our web contact form and we would be more than happy to contact you.