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Capricorn Marketing Tools

  • Desktop-Order-Application

    Desktop Order Application

    Through desktop order application subscriber/applicant can create new DSC order for all types of available processing method and also can track order status, record video, upload documents and request for the renewal.

  • Cash-Solution

    Cash Solution

    Capricorn cash solutions can be used as a signing services and download DSC (Digital Signature Certificate).

  • Certificate.Digital-Android-App

    Certificate.Digital Android App

    A mobile application by Capricorn CA to create your own digital signature certificate (DSC) using all types of available processing method and the subscriber/applicant can also record video, upload documents and track the status of DSC easily.

  • DSC-Channel-App

    DSC Channel App

    Capricorn DSC channel application for our channel partner to create and manage partner account for new DSC enrollment, track status, check the balance, recharge wallet, upload documents, record video, chat and support, and many more feature.

  • Capricorn-Customer-Application

    Capricorn Customer Application

    Capricorn customer application is designed for the customer to track DSC status, record video, mobile verification, upload documents, and chat and support to create digital signature certificate easy and instantly from anywhere.

  • Capricorn-Customer-Application

    Capricorn IOS Mobile App

    Capricorn Customer Application helps the customer to track their DSC status in their IOS devices. The application allows you to record video and upload the necessary documents. Also, for any questions or queries, they can utilize the Chat & Support on the application.