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We are Hiring

We are constantly looking for quality people to enhance our family and there are number of opportunities within our company.

We are currently looking at candidates with following specialties.

  • Business Development Managers - Experienced sales individuals, who have flair to close deals and keep clients happy. We are looking at opportunities at Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata with multiple openings

  • .Net Developers - Minimum of three years of experience. (Delhi)

  • Android Developers - Minimum of three years of experience. (Delhi)

  • IOS Developers - Minimum of three years of experience. (Delhi)

  • Java Developers - Minimum of three years of experience. (Delhi)

The company offers candidates opportunity for career growth and we commensurate your effort as per Industry standard (If not more)

To help us process your application, if you can include the answers for the following questions which will help us evaluate your application with right earnest.

  • Why do you want to leave the present company ?

  • What do you look in the new company ?

  • Will the present company feel the pinch and pain of you leaving the company ?

  • How soon can you join ?

  • What is your present salary ?

  • What is your salary expectation on joining ?

  • What is your 2nd year of expectation ?

  • What is your 3rd year of expectation ?

Please send your resume to If for some reason we do not have openings, we can always keep your details and get in touch with you when the openings come up within our organization.

So, send your resume today and wait for us to contact you. (Please send resume in PDF file)