Here's How To Download a Digital Signature Certificate

Digital Signature Certificates have gained an important space in transforming the signing processes of various companies, legal firms, government offices and private sector works. The Government of India has also much emphasized on the use of digital tools to bring expeditions in the Digital India campaign as well as progressive steps for Development, economy and security of the data.

Who Can Issue A Digital Signature Certificate DSC?

Class 3 Digital Signature Certificates can be issued by the Certifying Authorities that are authorized by the Controller of Certifying Authority CCA, under the IT Act 2000, Govt of India.

Capricorn CA is a licensed Certifying Authority that issues Digital signature certificates or DSC to digitally sign the bulk documents, records and files. We offer Document Signer Certificates for a plethora of business processes, Foreign purposes and trade.

Required Details To Download DSC

Below are the following supporting documents/details that have to be provided while downloading DSC:-
1. Order Id of the Certificate
2. PIN Code that is mentioned in the application
3. Download Key provided on the applicant's registered mobile number via SMS

Some Important Instructions For Downloading DSC

Following are some essential instructions that must be taken into consideration while installing Digital Signature Certificates:-

1. To download DSC, you need to install Capricorn Cash Solution 3 software on your machine.
2. You need to ensure good availability of internet options that would facilitate the fast and uninterrupted installation process.
1. You must install your DSC in USB Crypto token as per the guidelines of CCA.
2. Do not turn off the system, remove USB or close the window while your certificate is in between the installation process.
3. Once the digital signature certificate is downloaded, it will be saved in .pfx format.
4. Make sure your system has good compatibility such as being equipped with the latest window type, browser and framework.

How To Download DSC

Let us understand the process for downloading DSC after completion of successful verification and payment.

Below is a step by step description to download DSC Signer Certificate.

0. Install Capricorn Cash Solution software in your system.
1. Open the browser which is compatible with the procedure for installing DSC.
2. Visit the website by clicking on the Certificate.Digital.
3. Click on the Download DSCNow enter your essential details such as Order Id, PIN Code etc.
4. Provide a download key which has been sent to your registered mobile number and click on the submit button to proceed further.
5. Order Id, Applicant name and Certificate name will be visible on the page. You can verify your system generated details.
6. Now select FIPS Token and click on the “Download DSC Now” button to download your certificate.
7. Your Digital Signature Certificate will be downloaded in .pfx format in your USB Token.

Downloading Capricorn Digital Certificates is a simple, convenient and hassle free process to avail digital signing facility. A certificate would only be issued after successful completion of the application process. Capricorn CA provides you with a user friendly online platform to obtain DSC and other dsc related services.