Digital Signature for CBSE Affiliation: What You Should Know!

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) stands as a pivotal institution ensuring quality education across the country. For schools aspiring to be affiliated with CBSE, going through the process can be complex and time-consuming.

That's why digital signature for CBSE is utilized to streamline administrative processes and enhance document security. They not only help in submitting and uploading the necessary documents online on the portal but also make it convenient for principals and headmasters to access information accurately.

Understanding Digital Signature for CBSE Affiliation

DSC serves as electronic counterparts of handwritten signatures, validating the authenticity and integrity of electronic documents.

Digital Signature for CBSE Affiliation validates the authenticity of documents submitted by schools during various stages of the affiliation process. This includes LOC (Letter of Compliance) registration, document submissions, and SARAS (School Affiliation & Re-engineered Automation System) uploads.

They not only streamline administrative procedures but also offer efficiency, reliability, and security of the documents submitted during the affiliation process.

Is CBSE Digital Certificate Valid?

Yes, a digital signature for CBSE is issued by authorized Certifying Authorities like Capricorn CA for various purposes. They are legally valid and hold the same weightage as traditional handwritten signatures. CBSE recognizes the authenticity of documents digitally signed using approved DSCs, ensuring the integrity and security of the affiliation process.

Why is CBSE Affiliation Important?

CBSE affiliation holds massive importance for schools in India. It validates the quality of education imparted and provides numerous benefits such as access to standardized curriculum, affiliation with recognized boards, and eligibility for government schemes and scholarships. Moreover, CBSE affiliation enhances the credibility and reputation of schools, instilling trust among parents and stakeholders.

Types of DSC Applicable for CBSE-Related Processes

It's essential to know the appropriate type of digital signature for CBSE required for various processes. The Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) mandated by CBSE is primarily categorized into two types:

DSC for School Principal

The school principal holds a crucial position in the affiliation process. Therefore, requiring a Class 3 digital signature for the school principal is essential for secure transactions on behalf of the school. This certificate validates the principal's identity and authorization, enabling them to authenticate documents and ensure accountability in all official matters.

DSC for School Headmaster

Similarly, the headmaster of a school also needs a Class 3 Certificate for CBSE-related activities. Digital Signature for CBSE allows them to sign and submit documents accurately and securely. This facilitates smooth communication with CBSE authorities and makes the process even easier than before.

Get a Digital signature certificate for CBSE school from Capricorn CA for all your signing needs.

Which Digital Signature is Required for CBSE Affiliation?

Principals or headmasters seeking CBSE affiliation must obtain a Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate. These certificates comply with the requirements specified by CBSE for secure online transactions and document submissions. Additionally, digital signature for CBSE facilitates the efficient processing of LOC registration, SARAS uploads, and other affiliation-related tasks on the CBSE portal.

What are the Documents Required for CBSE Affiliation?

The process of having a Digital Signature for CBSE requires the submission of various documents including but not limited to:

⦁ Certificate of Recognition
⦁ School's Memorandum of Association (MOA)
⦁ Land Documents and Infrastructure Details
⦁ NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the State Education Department
⦁ Building Safety Certificate
⦁ Affidavit of Non-Proprietary Character

How to Get DSC for School Principal?

Having a Digital Signature for CBSE is an easy and fast process. Follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Choose a licensed Certifying Authority like Capricorn CA for a valid certificate to ensure secure transactions.

Step 2: Visit the website and click on the "BUY CERTIFICATE" button to purchase DSC.

Step 3: The school principal should then submit the documents required along with all the necessary details. These include identity proof, address proof, and authorization letters. The CA conducts thorough verification of submitted documents to ascertain their authenticity and legitimacy.
Step 4: A verification process starts which may involve online identification or authentication.

Step 5: Upon successful verification, the CA issues the Digital Signature Certificate for the school principal, along with a cryptographic key pair.

Step 6: The principal, upon receiving the DSC, installs it on a secure device such as a USB token or a hardware security module (HSM). They can then utilize the digital signature to sign electronic documents related to CBSE affiliation processes.

How to Upload Digital Signature in CBSE Affiliation

To upload a digital signature for CBSE affiliation, follow these steps:

1. Obtain a Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate from a licensed Certifying Authority like Capricorn CA.

2. Access the CBSE portal using your credentials as a school principal or headmaster.

3. Go to the section for digital signature upload in the affiliation dashboard.

4. Follow the prompts to select and upload your digital signature file.

5. Verify the successful upload and completion of the process.

How to Do CBSE LOC Registration?

Complete the below procedure for a successful loc registration:

1. Open the web browser and type in the URL for the CBSE website.

2. Look for a section or menu on the homepage that mentions "Main Website" on the left side of your scrreen. Click on it to proceed.

3. Once you're on the main website, find the section labeled "E-परीक्षा" (which means "E-Examination" in Hindi) and click on it.

4. After clicking on "E-परीक्षा," you should see a new slide or page appear on your screen. Look for an option that mentions "Submission of LOC Registration" and click on it.

5. You'll be directed to a login page where you need to enter your details to proceed. Provide your affiliation number, password, and security pin in the respective fields.

6. After entering your login credentials, verify that they are correct, and then submit the information.

7. Once logged in, you'll be directed to your dashboard or account page. Look for a section or menu on the left side of your screen that mentions "LOC10/12" (this likely refers to the location of centers for exams). Click on it to proceed.

8. Within the LOC10/12 section, there should be an option for "Checklist." Click on this option to view the checklist for the candidates.

9. After clicking on the checklist, you should see the details of the candidates listed for LOC registration CBSE. To print these details, use your browser's print functionality. You can usually find this option in the browser's menu or by pressing "Ctrl + P" on your keyboard.


CBSE affiliation not only validates the credibility of schools but also promotes the development of the students and their future success. By obtaining a Class 3 Digital Signature for CBSE, principals, and headmasters can streamline affiliation-related tasks and contribute to the improvement of educational quality and standards in India.