Short But Complete Guide About Document Signer Certificate

In this modern era, individuals and organizations spend extensive amounts of time and money to keep their confidential data private and protected. This is why, the need for secure and efficient document handling is more critical than ever.

Thus, digital signatures have emerged as a solution to this demand. However, various business owners, accountants, and organizations deal with a large volume of documents regularly. This makes it difficult to perform the digital signing of documents individually. Therefore, the Document Signer Certificate (Bulk signing tool or certificate) makes it easy for everyone to sign and authenticate multiple documents digitally such as contracts, agreements, etc with just a single click.

What are Document Signer Certificates?

Document Signer Certificates are a digital authentication tool issued by a Certifying Authority like Capricorn CA that allows users to affix legally binding digital signatures to electronic documents. Governed by the IT Act of 2000, these certificates ensure the authenticity and integrity of digitally signed documents, making them admissible in a court of law.

Types of Document Signer Certificates

There are two main types of Certificates and each type serves distinct purposes and comes with its unique characteristics. They are:

Class 2 Document Signer Certificate

Class 2 DSCs are issued in PFX format, a widely recognized password-protected file for securing and storing cryptographic objects such as private keys and certificates. These certificates are commonly used for various purposes, including individual and business document signing.

Validity: The validity of Class 2 DSC ranges from one to two years and offers an offer of a secure way of digitally signing documents. This makes them suitable for users for various short to medium-term applications and to conduct their digital transactions securely.

Class 3 Document Signer Certificate

Class 3 DSCs, on the other hand, are downloaded onto Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) and are issued in CER (Certificate) format. They represent the highest level of trust and security in online digital signatures and are often utilized in sensitive transactions. They are also known to provide high assurance and authentication of the signer's identity primarily for e-tendering and e-auctions.

Validity: Class 3 DSC online has longer validity periods, often ranging from two to three years. The extended validity adds an extra layer of convenience for users who require sustained security over an extended period.

Key Benefits of Utilizing Document Signer Certificates


Document Signer Certificate in India ensures a high level of authentication, as the digital signature is affixed using the private key associated with the certificate. This guarantees the authenticity of the signer and the document, reducing the risk of identity fraud and document tampering.

Bulk Signing

Class 3 certificates, in particular, offer the convenience of bulk signing. This is especially profitable for businesses dealing with a large volume of documents regularly. With a single click, users can sign multiple documents and save their valuable time and money in manual interventions. This streamlines the whole process and improves efficiency in digital workflows.

Enhanced Security

Class 3 certificates for bulk signing employ advanced cryptographic techniques to secure documents and make them resistant to unauthorized access and tampering. This maintains the integrity of the sensitive data and ensures that confidential information remains private and protected.

Document & Folder Signing

Unlike traditional signatures, which are generally applied to the last page of a document, this allows for the signing of every page and even entire folders. This ensures a comprehensive validation of the entire document, leaving no room for confusion or uncertainty.


The use of Document Signer Certificates introduces transparency into the document signing process. It reduces the likelihood of ill behavior or fraudulent activities, adding an extra layer of security and accountability. This helps establish trust among various parties involved in digital transactions.

Use Cases for Document Signer Certificates

Document Signer Certificates find applications across various sectors and industries. Here are some common use cases:

Invoice Signing

Many businesses often use this to automate the digital signing of invoices uploaded on the Goods and Services Tax Network (GSTN). This not only expedites the billing process but also ensures the legality and authenticity of financial transactions.

Corporate Document Signing

Corporate entities integrate Document Signer Certificates into their Customer Relationship Management (CRM), accounting, and billing software for bulk signing of invoices. This not only saves time but also ensures that all corporate documents are securely signed and managed.

Public and Private Banks

Banks utilize this certificate for signing, to secure and authenticate various transactions, including loan agreements, account openings, and fund transfers. This use of DSC adds an extra layer of security to sensitive data and other financial documents.

E-commerce Platforms

E-commerce platforms employ this to secure transactions, contracts, and other legal documents involved in their business operations. This ensures the integrity of agreements and provides a trustworthy environment for online commerce.

UIDAI Servers

UIDAI employs Document Signer Certificates to sign pre-authenticated XML files. This ensures the integrity and security of crucial data associated with Aadhaar and other identification processes, contributing to the reliability of the UIDAI system.

GST Practitioners

Professionals dealing with GST utilize this for securely uploading data on the Income Tax website through APIs. This not only ensures compliance with tax regulations but also simplifies the overall filing process for practitioners and businesses.


Document signer certificates are essential for both businesses and organizations for handling and storing multiple files and documents. With its various applications and uses, it has become a prominent choice for individuals and professionals for secure document signing. Buy DSC online today and make your documents and digital transactions seamless, trustworthy, and efficient.