Comprehensive Guide to Tracking and Re-Downloading DSC

Understanding the importance of a DSC in the modern digital landscape is essential. It not only provides a layer of security but also adds legal validity to your electronic documents. Tracking your DSC order is not just about knowing when you'll receive it; it's about ensuring the process is moving smoothly and addressing any issues promptly.

What Can Be Tracked?

When you apply for different classes of DSC, several components of your application can be tracked:

1. Status of the DSC: This includes updates on the processing stages of your certificate.
2. Photo Upload: Confirmation of the photo you've uploaded for the DSC.
3. Mobile Number and Email Verification: The status of the verification process for your contact details.
4. Video Verification: The completion status of any required video verification steps.

Track DSC: Follow the Below Steps

The first step in dsc tracking order is accessing the tracking portal. Here's how you can do it:

1. Visit the Capricorn CA Website: Start by visiting the official website with this link: https://www.certificate.digital.
2. Navigate to the Tracking Section: Look for a Customers tab labeled, drop down you will find ‘Track Your DSC'.
3. Secure Login: Be prepared to enter secure login details, typically your application number or registered email.

Entering Your Details

Once you're in the Track Your DSC section:

1. Enter Your Order ID: This is the unique ID provided to you at the time of application.
2. Enter Your Pincode: This should be the pincode of the address provided in the application.
3. Submit: Now, just click on “Submit”.

Troubleshooting Common DSC Tracking Issues

Even the most straightforward processes can encounter hiccups. Here are some common issues users might face while tracking their DSC and how to resolve them:

Incorrect Order ID or Pincode: Double-check the details entered. If you've forgotten your Order ID, refer to the confirmation email received during the application process.

No Status Update: If the status hasn't been updated for an unusually long period, contact Capricorn CA's customer support. This could indicate a processing delay or a technical glitch.

Website Accessibility Issues: Should you face trouble accessing the website, ensure your internet connection is stable to apply digital signature, try different browsers, or clear your browser cache.

Re-Downloading DSC: Follow the Below Steps

There might be instances where you will learn how to get a DSC when it is lost or corrupted. The good news is that if your digital signature certificate India, issued by Capricorn Identity Services Pvt. Ltd., is still valid but not accessible, you have the option to re-download it without any additional cost. To re-download DSC, follow these simple steps:

1. Enter Order ID and PIN Code:

- Visit the Capricorn Identity Services Pvt. Ltd. portal.
- Locate the re-download section.
- Enter your `Order ID` and `Pin Code` associated with the original DSC. No documents are required to get a digital signature certificate.

2. Submit the Information:

- After entering the details, click on the ‘Submit' button to proceed.

3. Wait for Processing:

- Keep in mind that the DSC can be re-downloaded only after 2 days from the first download date. Now, you can use your E-Pass Token with Certificate to sign.

When Can You Re-Download Your DSC?

1. Condition for Re-Download: You can re-download your DSC if it's lost or corrupted, provided it hasn't expired.
2. Cost: This re-download is available free of charge, for the first time.
3. One-Time Offer: Remember, this facility is available only once. It's important to securely store your DSC after re-downloading it.

Important Note: You cannot immediately re-download your DSC. The option becomes available 2 days after the initial download. This delay is important for security and verification purposes.


The journey of managing a DSC is pivotal in ensuring the security and authenticity of your digital interactions. From tracking the status of your DSC to re-downloading it in times of need, each step is crucial in maintaining the integrity of your digital identity. By staying informed and proactive, you can ensure that your digital transactions remain secure and legally compliant, now and in the future.