How to Get Digital Signature Certificate Online

The requirement for Digital Signature Certificate is accelerated as the usage of digital technologies has been incorporated in every business, profession, government office, public service, etc. The existence of the Digital Media and IT sector has emphasized the safe and secure medium for communication, transaction of information and finance, and sharing data and personal details on the internet. The prompt safety measures can only be achieved with digital utilities like Digital Signature Certificate.

Digital Signatures reduce the risks involved in forgery, data breaching, unwanted interference of third parties, cyber spam, and hacking. It ensures total cyber protection of your sensitive data and confidential business information.

But, many people are not acquainted with the application procedure and even we have some basic questions in our minds like “How do I get a digital certificate online? ” or “What is a method to procure a valid certificate?” etc. Let us discuss how one can obtain their Class 3 Digital Certificates online.

Procure Your Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate From Capricorn CA

Capricorn CA is licensed to issue DSC to individuals as well as organizations as per the guidelines of the Controller of Certifying Authority CCA. Certifying authorities CAs can offer digital certificates to their clients under the IT Act 2000, Government of India. Capricorn, being a Certifying Authority CA, assures you of a safe and secure DSC issuance service. We provide you with various types of Digital Signature Certificates according to your requirements.

Classification And Various Types Of DSC

DSC can be classified on the basis of various types, validity, profile, and usage of the certificates. The following types and usages of the DSC are mentioned below:-

Usage Type of DSC: Income Tax, ICEGATE, DGFT, IRCTC, etc.

Profile of DSC: Individual, Organizational, Government, Foreign Individual & Organization, etc.

Class of DSC: Class 2 & Class 3

DSC Types: Sign, Encrypt, Sign & Encrypt

A Digital Signature Certificate is issued for a validity of 1 year, 2 years & 3 years.

Process To Apply For A Capricorn Class 3 DSC

Here's how to get DSC online, follow the steps given below to apply for Capricorn Class 3 certificate:

1. Click here - “Buy Certificate
” - to apply for a Capricorn DSC.

2. Select your preferences related to the DSC you require.

3. Click on the “Buy Now” button to proceed further.

4. Select your application mode from Online Aadhar OTP, Biometric, PAN Based, etc.

5. Enter your basic details such as mobile number, email address, and PAN card details.

6. Provide an OTP sent to your registered mobile number and your Aadhar details will be visible.

7. Fill up the required E-KYC details.

8. Make payment for your DSC order.

9. Verification would be done through video and email.

10. Now you can download your DSC on USB-token.

Capricorn Class 3 DSC offers flexibility in the signing of a pdf file, bulk documents, files, forms, etc. It electronically authenticates the identity of the users. Thus, it reduces the chances of perfunctory alteration of data or records. Save time and expedite all your signing processes with Digital certificates.

Please feel free to contact us via the details provided below for any further information or to get any of your queries resolved; We'd be happy to help.