Know How To Sign PDF with Digital Signature Certificate

Signing documents using a Digital Signature Certificate has significantly abated reliance on physical paper-based documentation, efforts, and time spent in signing processes. Various digital technologies involved in business processes and organizational setups have created an imperative approach to implement a safe signing practice and a cyber-security safeguard against all cyber hazards.

Signing digital documents with a signing tool such as DSC ensures an easy-to-sign facility and assemblage of office documentation in a single place. Due to its potential to sign bulk pdf documents, forms, and folders, it has been highly appreciated by several professionals, and organizations including both private and government, firms and business owners.

A digital signature certificate stores all your credentials in an electronic form. It is equivalent to a handwritten signature that helps you to sign electronic documents digitally. Let us expound on a complete process of how to attach digital signatures to your documents.

Who Is Authorized To Provide You With A Digital Signature Certificate DSC?

A Licensed Certifying Authority CA is authorized to create a Digital Signature Certificate for individuals as well as organizations on the basis of usage, type, and validity of the certificate. Digital Signature is legally valid to sign documents as per the Information Technology Act, 2000 Government of India. DSC reduces the cyber risks involved in the internet or web-based transactions, that's why it is generally preferred at several government portals to perform any online transaction.

Capricorn CA: A Licensed Certifying Authority In India

Capricorn CA is a Licensed Certificate Authority that is approved and regulated by the Controller of Certifying Authority CCA. We empower businesses and individual signing work by providing them with signing utilities like DSC, E-Sign, Encrypt, Public Key Infrastructure PKI solutions, etc. We have been awarded as the Top 5 Finalists in the category of Cybersecurity Firms in India in the National Startup Awards 2020.

We emphasize the use of DSC to protect your essential information from any cyber hindrance that may arise due to a web-based transaction, forgery or impersonation of data, system hacking, etc. Affixing documents with an electronic signature confirms the integrity and authenticity of the data shared between two parties.

A Simple Step-By-Step Guide To Add A Digital Signature Certificate To Your Documents

Let us discuss the complete process to affix DSC to your pdf file through a simple step-by-step process.

Step 1: Check the pdf file to which you want to add your DSC.
Step 2: Insert a Capricorn Branded USB token to attach a Digital Signature to your device.
Step 3: Open the selected PDF file that you want to sign digitally.
Step 4: Select the “Tools” option in the menu bar and Go to “Certificates” then click on the “Open” button.
Step 5: Now, a “Digitally Sign” option will appear at the top of the toolbar.
Step 6: Click on the “Digitally Sign” option & drag and select the preferred area on the document where you want to add your digital signature.
Step 7: Now, a pop-up window with all available digital signature certificates on your device will open on your screen.
Step 8: Opt for your Capricorn DSC and Click on the “Continue” button to proceed ahead.
Step 9: Now, details of your DSC will be visible on your screen & you can also customize your Signature as per your requirements.
Step 10: Click on the “Sign” button to proceed further.
Step 11: Now, you would be asked to save the pdf document. Select a name & save it by clicking on the ‘Save' button.
Step 12: After successfully saving your file, you have to provide a valid DSC User Pin and Click on the ‘login' button.
Step 13: Once your pdf file is saved successfully, you will have to provide your valid DSC User PIN then click on the “login” button.
Step 14: Now, your Digital Signature will appear on your pdf document.

Affixing DSC to your pdf files offers several benefits in terms of protecting your sensitive data and ensuring a quick and remote signing process. A DSC is equipped with a public key and a private key that confirms the integrity and authenticity of the shared data and thus becomes legally binding as per the IT Act, 2000. Capricorn CA complies with a responsibility to offer DSC and other signing solutions in order to make signing processes easy and convenient for everyone.