DSC for MCA e-filing: Simplifying the Filing Process!

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs portal is where companies in India submit documents online. It's important for people like directors and auditors who need to file reports and forms to follow the rules. However, this convenience can also increase the chances of cyber threats and fraud.

That's where DSC for MCA e-filing come in. It provides a secure way to electronically sign documents and make sure that they are from trusted sources and haven't been changed. This makes filing easier and makes sure that electronic submissions on the MCA portal are safe and reliable.

What is DSC for MCA e-filing?

It is a secure electronic digital key that verifies the identity of individuals filing documents on the online portal. It ensures the document's authenticity and protects against fraud by providing a unique digital seal to each user.

Who Needs Digital Signature for MCA Portal?

People who require a DSC for MCA e-filing are:

Current Directors: Every company director must have a DSC certificate. It helps them sign various e-forms and documents filed with the MCA website.

Company Secretary (CS): If an organisation has a CS, it also needs a digital signature certificate online. They help them to file and submit various forms and documents on behalf of the company.

Other Authorised Signatories: A DSC for MCA e-filing is required for any individual authorised to sign on behalf of the company. It is used for MCA filings, such as a Director authorised by a Board Resolution.

Managing Partner/Designated Partner (LLPs): Similar to directors in a company, they need this to sign e-forms for Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs).

Auditors: A company might appoint authorised representatives in some cases (e.g., auditors, professionals) to file on their behalf. These representatives would need it to sign e-forms and submit reports or certificates directly to the MCA.

Where is DSC for MCA e-filing Required?

This is needed to file your MCA 21 e-filings at various stages. This is where it's required:

SPICe+ (INC-32)

This complete form covers things used before company incorporation. It includes name reservation, allotment of DIN, application for PAN/TAN etc. A DSC for MCA e-filing is needed to authenticate the identity of directors and promoters electronically.

MCA Forms

Companies file various documents with the MCA portal every year. This means financial statements, reports, and annual returns. It helps sign these forms securely and ensure they are legally recognised.


Directors of companies update their personal details regularly with the MCA. They use the DIR-3 KYC form which also requires a DSC signature. It's a safety measure to confirm their identity online.

Other Documents

Sometimes, besides official forms, you may need to upload other documents in PDF format. These forms also should be digitally signed using your DSC for MCA e-filing. It helps to prove that these documents are genuine and haven't been altered.

Class 3 digital signature for MCA e-filing provides the highest level of security and trust in online transactions. Buy Capricorn DSC today to sign all your documents online easily and securely.

DSC Errors on New MCA V3 Portal

How to Remove DSC from the MCA V3 Portal?

DSC online once registered cannot be removed. However, you can do this instead:

Associate a Different DSC: You can associate a new one with your User ID. This essentially replaces the old association.

Create a New User ID: Create a fresh User ID if you don't need the old one linked to any account. Associate your desired DSC for MCA e-filing with it on the online portal.

How do you Register a New DSC Instead of an Old One?

1. Visit the MCA portal.

2. Enter details for MCA login.

3. Click on the MCA Services> FO Services> Associate DSC option.

4. Install the necessary software.

5. Change the PIN and click on associate DSC.

6. A message will appear to update it.

7. Click the yes button and follow the steps for success.

What if my DSC is not Registered and Showing MCA V3 Error?

If your Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is not registered and shows an MCA V3 error, update your profile by adding your role as director or another professional title. This should resolve the issue and allow it to start working properly.

How to do a Company MCA CIN Search?

Follow the steps below to learn how to do CIN number checking online:

1. Go to the MCA official website.

2. Find MCA Services at the top of the homepage.

3. Find FO Services in the drop-down menu.

4. Select the “Find CIN” option.

5. Enter details for the method chosen below.

6. Fill the captcha and submit.


DSC for MCA e-filing is essential for signing forms and submitting documents on the portal. They verify who you are online and ensure your documents are safe and genuine. This means you can submit paperwork to the MCA full form Ministry of Corporate Affairs MCA quickly and securely. It follows the rules and builds trust in business dealings making everything easier and more reliable for everyone involved.