Meta Description: What is DGFT DSC? Discover its cost, validity, and the documents required for international trade activities. Also, know how to register it on the portal.


How DGFT DSC Making Trade Safer and Easier for Everyone

The DGFT, or Directorate General of Foreign Trade, is a government body that handles who can import and export goods for trade in India. They make it easier for businesses and people to trade with other countries by giving out permits and licenses. However, dealing with so much paperwork regularly can lead to delays, errors, and interruptions.

That's where the DGFT DSC, steps in. It's like a special electronic stamp that proves who you are when you're doing trade paperwork online. This makes the process smoother and safer, helping everyone involved in trade save time and effort.

What is DGFT DSC Certificate?

A DGFT certificate is required for businesses that engage in import and export activities. It is issued by India's Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) and helps companies get benefits and incentives from the government for foreign trade. This ensures compliance with trade regulations and policies in India.

A DSC DGFT is a certificate required in India for secure online transactions related to foreign trade. It helps businesses sign documents electronically and ensures authenticity and data integrity. Thus, exporters and importers file applications and other activities on the DGFT portal.

Can I use my DSC for Multiple DGFT Services?

Yes, you can use your Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) for various services once registered on the portal. This includes a Certificate of Origin (COO), Registration Cum Membership Certificate (RCMC), Bank Realization Certificate (BRC) etc.

Which DGFT DSC is required for Registration?

A Class 3 DGFT DSC is required for e-tendering, and filing government forms on the portal. This DSC type provides the highest level of security for online transactions and ensures the authenticity and integrity of documents submitted.

Registering DSC on the DGFT Portal

Here's how to register DSC on the DGFT portal online:

1. Go to the official DGFT website.

2. Click the 'Login' button.

3. Enter your details for the DGFT login.

4. Find the 'My Dashboard' tab on click on it.

5. Find the 'View and Register DSC' option and click on it.

6. Select the 'Register New DSC option.

7. Fill in the details provided like provider list, certificate list and password.

8. Complete your DGFT DSC registration process by clicking the 'Register' button.

DGFT DSC Documents Required

For Identity Verification:

Identity Proof: This could be your Aadhaar card, passport, driver's license, or any other government-issued ID that proves who you are.

Address Proof: You'll need a document that shows your address, like a utility bill, rental agreement, or Aadhaar card.

PAN Card: Your Permanent Account Number (PAN) card is necessary for financial transactions and identification purposes.

Passport Size Photographs: You'll need a few passport-sized photos for your DGFT digital signature application.

Other Documents:

Certificate of Incorporation: Copy for proof that the company is legally registered.

Registration Certificate: Proof of business registration certificate in the company's or proprietor's name.

Partnership Deed: Legal document defining the terms and conditions for a partnership firm.

Authorisation Letter: Permission from partners to apply for DSC on behalf of the firm.

Application Form: Fill out the application form provided by the service provider for DSC issuance.

Where to Get a DGFT Digital Signature Online?

Any individual or organisation can easily obtain a digital signature for DGFT. Choose a trusted DSC company approved by the CCA like Capricorn CA. Sign all your documents and conduct business or trade transactions online quickly and securely.

How to Get a DGFT Certificate in India?

If you're looking to get a DGFT certificate in India, you can do it easily online.

First things first, you need to register on the DGFT online portal. Once you're registered, you'll need to pick the right license category that fits your business needs.

Then comes the paperwork - fill out the application form with all the correct details. Make sure everything is accurate to avoid any errors, delays or interruptions.

Next, gather all the necessary documents and submit them along with your application. The online system makes it easy and cuts down on the usual hassle. Just follow these steps, and download the DGFT certificate after it is issued.

What is the Cost of DGFT DSC?

The DGFT DSC price varies depending on its type and validity ranging from 3400 to 5999 rupees. It is essential for your online transactions related to foreign trade and to ensure secure communication. Choose the right type and validity based on your needs and budget.

What is the Validity of DSC for DGFT Online?

The validity of a foreign trade digital signature is really important for businesses to conduct certain online transactions. They are issued with a validity period of one or three years. You can use it to sign electronic documents and authenticate yourself while dealing with DGFT's online services.

Renewing DSC is not a complex process but it's important to do it on time. Businesses have to renew before it expires through their certificate provider. It is to avoid any interruptions in their international trade activities.

How to Check DSC Validity Online?

To check the validity of your digital signature online, you'll first need to open the DSC USB tools on your computer. After that, log in to your token using the password you've set up. Then, double-click on the name of your certificate to open it up.

You will find your certificate details, including its validity and other details. Look for the expiration date to see if it is still valid. Keep track of your DSC certificate to ensure they remain legally recognised.

What Should I do if the DGFT Portal does not Recognise my DSC?

Ensure your DGFT DSC online software and drivers are up to date. Check browser compatibility and verify that the USB token is correctly inserted. If problems persist, contact the issuing CertifIed Authority for support.


DGFT DSC helps businesses with international trade by making online transactions safer. It gives a special digital signature that proves documents are real when sent to the Directorate General of Foreign Trade. This saves time and reduces paperwork for both traders and the government. Hence, it builds trust in online trading, supports global business, and shows India's dedication to going digital.