What Is Individual DSC? Uses of Digital Signature & How It Works

Digital Signature Certificate has now become a prominent digital tool for the signing of personal or essential documents, records, and forms. As more digital or digitally driven utilities are being implemented in the business processes, accelerating personal or office work, the chances of impersonation of personal data are also at high risk.

Digital certificates play an important role in securing our personal records from any cyber hazard or forgery, data stealing, or alteration. Several professionals including CA/CS, advocates, Lawyers, Doctors or employed persons, or any authorized entity use a Digital Signing Certificate to perform safe and secure signing of electronic documents with their Individual DSC. Let us further discuss the utilities and applications of Class 3 Digital Signature for an Individual.

Know More About Capricorn Class 3 Individual DSC

Capricorn Class 3 Individual DSC is offered to professionals, government officials, authorized employees of the private sector, lawyers, medical & healthcare professionals, CA/CS, and other end users, etc. The certificate is basically designed to cater to individual signing needs where one can sign and authenticate their details on behalf of themselves. For availing various government services, it is essential to attach your Class 3 Individual DSC as per the Information Technology Act, 2000 Government of India.

Several employees enrolled in government agencies or private firms, entrepreneurs, and business owners need Digital Signature Certificate to safely conduct their signing processes and prevent their sensitive information from any web-based cyberthreat.

Who Can Provide A Digital Signature Certificate for Individuals?

A licensed certificate authority CA can issue a Digital Signature Certificate to individuals depending on the validity, class, type, and usage of the certificate. Capricorn CA is a licensed Certifying Authority CA in India which is authorized and regulated by the Controller of Certifying Authority CCA. We provide various DSC and the related signing solutions to individuals as well as organizations. Any applicant can obtain their individual DSC by filling up respective application forms available on our portal.

How To Obtain Your Capricorn Class 3 Individual DSC

Procuring Capricorn Class 3 DSC for individual purposes is an easy, simple and convenient process. You need to follow a single-click procedure, and your application process will be initiated. To create a digital signature just start by clicking the “Buy Certificate” button that appears at the top of the page.

You can buy individual DSC through various modes of application such as Online Aadhaar OTP, Biometric, PAN-Based, and Capricorn existing E-KYC mode followed by E-KYC verification process. Once you fulfill every prerequisite of a DSC application, you would be able to download your Individual DSC within just a few minutes.

Various Usages Of Capricorn Class 3 DSC for Individuals

Digital Signature Certificates are appreciated and implemented by several working professionals to simplify their tons of signing work. Signing your essential digital documents with class 3 DSC ensures the safety and confidentiality of the data exchanged between two parties. Thus, it is quintessential to use DSC for performing any transaction or submission of records at any government or private portal.

Let us discuss some usages of class 3 Digital Signature Certificate for individual purposes.
You can apply for Individual DSC for the following purposes:-
For filing Income Tax Returns ITR on the Income Tax portal.
For submission of GST returns or registration of one's profile on the GST portal.
For e-Procurement / e-Tendering or submission of Bids Online
For registration of one's company on the Ministry of Corporate Affairs portal / ROC e-Filing
For Filing Legal cases, litigation, or legal proceedings With DSC
For e-ticketing on the IRCTC portal

Benefits Of Capricorn Class 3 Individual Digital Signature Certificate

Below are the following advantages that can be obtained from using Individual DSC. Let us explain them one by one.
→ DSC electronically authenticates the signer's identity at various government or private portals. Thus, it reduces the chances of denial or rejection of one's identity.
→ One can sign documents, records, and other electronic forms in bulk with the help of Capricorn signing solutions. Electronic signatures assist you in signing anywhere and anytime.
→ DSC comes with a double-layer cybersecurity framework that protects your essential/sensitive data from cyber threats.
→ With the feature of a private key mechanism, your data is protected and no one can make any alteration to the data shared without providing a private key. Thus, it maintains the integrity of the data and assures the receiver that the shared information is bonafide and authentic.
→ Any document affixed with a digital signature certificate becomes legally binding as per the IT Act, 2000.