Find All That You Need To Know About DSC For E-Tender

Digital Signatures have become a quintessential signing tool for availing a wide range of government services such as e-filing income tax returns, GST, IRCTC, and Trademark or participating in various government e-procurement/e-tendering processes. Due to the huge involvement of digitization and concern for the safety and security of public data, it is indispensable to use class 3 DSC for performing any transactions at the government portal.

A range of public and private sector organizations have implemented DSC for their signing processes and verifying their identity electronically. For availing of various government or private sector projects, it is essential to use class 3 Digital Signature for filing bids/requests on that authorized portal. It facilitates a safe and secure exchange of information from the bidder to the buyer and vice-versa and assists you in creating electronic records of transactions.

Why A Class 3 DSC Is Essential For E-Tendering

The multifaceted and great versatility of a digital signature certificate has made e-tender or e-procurement services easy and simple. Now, the submission of online bids accompanied by DSC helps in the fast acceptance of the request and thus, authenticates the bidder's identity electronically. Moreover, it also guards your personal data against any cyber threats and assists you in managing all your transactional data in a single place.
The use of a Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate for e-tendering is legally permissible and authorized to file any bid for procuring projects and services. Thus, it is essential to use DSC for the submission of bids/requests for e-tendering as per the Information Technology Act, 2000 Govt of India.

Capricorn Class 3 DSC For E-Tender/E-Procurement

Capricorn CA is a licensed Certifying Authority that is regulated by the Controller of Certifying Authority CCA. We provide class 3 Digital Signature for e-tendering / e-procurement processes to various organizations that file their bids. Any authorized signatory who is registered for e-tender services can obtain Capricorn class 3 DSC on behalf of their organization. The process for applying for Capricorn paperless DSC is simple, quick, and hassle-free which saves your time and effort.

A Simple Process To Procure A Capricorn Class 3 DSC For E-Tendering

Digital Signature Certificate has a great utility in reducing the gap between the buyer and the supplier/bidder involved in e-procurement. It helps the company for maintaining transparency throughout the whole e-tender process as it electronically authenticates the signer's identity.

Once you know your requirement or preference for selecting an appropriate DSC, it becomes very easy to apply for it. To obtain a DSC for e-tendering, you need to click on the “Buy Certificate” button that appears on the top of the page and then proceed to the subsequent steps.

You can apply for Capricorn DSC for e-tendering through various modes of application such as Online Aadhaar OTP, Biometric, PAN-Based, and Capricorn E-KYC mode followed by E-KYC verification. Once you complete your application then you can download your DSC in just a few minutes.

Utilities Of Capricorn Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate For E-Tendering

One can obtain several benefits of class 3 DSC for e-tendering / e-procurement processes. Let us discuss them one by one.

1. DSC electronically authenticates the identity of the bidder and the information exchanged between the bidder and the buyer. Thus it helps in safe and secure transactions.
2. No alteration, tampering, impersonation, or modification can be performed while using a Capricorn class 3 DSC for e-tendering services.
3. The encryption and decryption mechanisms of the data do not allow copying, forgery, and stealing of the sensitive information that is exchanged between the two parties.
4. DSC reduces the time, effort, and denial of bid acceptance which makes e-procurement easy and safe.
5. Capricorn's various signing solutions help you in signing multiple documents at a single time from anywhere digitally.
6. DSC creates an audit trail so you can track all your activities performed in records.