Digital Signature for NSWS: Everything You Need to Know!

The National Single Window System (NSWS) is a platform where businesses and individuals can carry out various transactions and processes related to government services, trade, and commerce. Here, users can submit documents, apply for permits, licenses, and certifications, and conduct other official activities. But to make these activities easy, safe, and efficient a digital certificate is required.

A digital signature for NSWS helps ensure the authenticity and security of these transactions. It acts as an electronic stamp of approval verifying the identity of the sender and ensuring that documents haven't been tampered with. Essentially, it adds an extra layer of trust and reliability to digital interactions on the NSWS platform.

What is NSWS?

The National Single Window System NSWS full form is an online platform governments use to streamline and simplify import and export processes. It serves as a one-stop shop for traders to submit and process all required documents and permits for cross-border trade.

NSWS helps startup India improve efficiency, reduce paperwork, and enhance transparency in international trade. Thus, this facilitates seamless communication between government agencies and trading partners.

The NSWS Portal requires a DSC signature to ensure the authenticity and integrity of electronic documents exchanged within the system. This signature is a unique identifier confirming that the document originated from the stated sender and hasn't been altered during transmission. Thus, a digital signature for NSWS helps keep things secure when sharing important information online between different groups and organisations.

Which Class of DSC is Required for NSWS Portal?

The NSWS platform requires a Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate DSC. This type of DSC provides the highest level of security and is essential for ensuring the authenticity and integrity of transactions on the National Single Window System.

Users can securely access and exchange sensitive information with Class 3 DSC. Hence, this makes it the best choice for expediting smooth and secure operations on NSWS.

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Digital Signature for NSWS Platform Use Cases

Contract Management

In the NSWS platform, where contracts are drafted, reviewed, and executed digitally, having a digital signature is crucial. It ensures the validity and enforceability of these agreements and keeps them safe. By digitally signing contracts, parties can authenticate their identity and demonstrate their consent to the terms outlined in the document all while maintaining the document's integrity.

Document Approval Workflows

Many workflows within the platform involve the approval of documents by multiple stakeholders. A digital signature for NSWS can expedite this process by allowing approvers to sign off on documents electronically eliminating the need for physical signatures or manual paperwork. Thus, it not only accelerates the workflow but also enhances security by reducing the risk of unauthorized alterations.

Audit Trails and Accountability

Transparent audit trails are essential for tracking the lifecycle of documents within the platform and holding users accountable for their actions. A DSC certificate provides cryptographic evidence of when a document was signed, by whom, and whether it has been tampered with since its signing. Hence, this information is invaluable for auditing purposes and maintaining data integrity.

How to Register on NSWS?

Follow the steps below to register on the NSWS website:

1. Go to the official NSWS website i.e. www.nsws.gov.in.

2. Click the “login” button at the top of the screen.

3. Select the “Sign up now” option below.

4. Enter your details such as name, email, password, etc.

5. Click on verify to confirm via OTP.

6. Click the “Sign up Now” tab for NSWS registration.

How to Create a Business Profile on NSWS Online?

1. Type your details for the NSWS portal login.

2. Select the entity type and click next.

3. Enter PAN number for NSWS PAN verification.

4. Check your details and click next.

5. Confirm identity with your address and postal code.

6. Enter other information as requested and save.

How to add Digital Signature on NSWS?

Know how to add an NSWS digital signature on the portal in these steps:

1. Visit the NSWS website.

2. Type your details for NSWS login.

3. Click on the “Profile” tab on the dashboard.

4. Select “Authorized Signatory Details” and click “Add Now.”

5. Enter your PAN number and other details.

6. Select the “Add Digital Signature Certificate” option and move forward.

7. Choose your provider, NSWS DSC and enter a token password.

8. Click the option labelled “Register DSC” for attestation.

How to Get Digital Signature for NSWS Online?

Find a Certifying authority like Capricorn CA approved by NSWS. A Certifying Authority (CA) is a trusted entity that issues a digital signature for NSWS.

1. Go to our website i.e. certificate.digital.

2. Click the tab labelled “BUY CERTIFICATE” at the top.

3. Choose the profile, DSC type, and validity.

4. Selec the PAN-based method for verification.

5. Enter details like name, address, PAN number, email, etc as requested.

6. You will receive an on your mobile. Enter it to confirm.

7. Enter the download key and accept the terms and conditions.

8. Click on “Process & Pay” for DSC payment online.

9. You will receive a digital signature for NSWS in a few minutes.

Certain digital signature requirements need to be followed to obtain a digital signature for NSWS. This means the documents submitted should be correct and real. Additionally, an applicant must go through a video verification per CCA guidelines.

Managing Your NSWS Account

How to Reset Password on NSWS?

1. Go to the website and click the login tab.

2. Select the “Forgot Password” button.

3. Enter your registered email ID and continue.

4. Click on the reset link received in your mail.

5. Now, create a new password and type again for confirmation.

6. Click the “Submit and Verify” button to change the password successfully.

How to Add Members on NSWS?

1. Login into your account with your credentials.

2. Go to your dashboard and click the “Members” tab.

3. Select the “Invite member” option at the right corner.

4. Type the member's email and send the invitation.

5. Members will accept the invitation and register via email link.

How to Reset Profile on NSWS Online?

1. Search NSWS and go to their website.

2. Enter details to log into your account.

3. Go to the “Profile” tab in your dashboard.

4. Confirm the information provided for your organisation.

5. Click the ”Reset Profile” option.


A digital signature for NSWS is like virtual stamps that help prove the authenticity and integrity of electronic documents. It ensures that the sender is who they claim to be and that the content hasn't been tampered with during transmission. Thus, businesses and individuals can securely exchange sensitive information online and perform transactions without the risk of identity theft and fraud.