How does DSC for MCA/ROC help in Secure Annual Filing?

Annual filing is like a yearly report card that companies must submit to government agencies such as the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) or Registrar of Companies (ROC). This includes financial statements and other necessary documents to ensure they are following the rules.

That's why various companies use Digital Signature Certificates (DSCs) to make this filing process secure and legitimate. These certificates act like electronic signatures which prove who signed the document and protect it from any further changes. So, having a DSC for MCA/ROC filing is crucial to ensure the annual filings are genuine and trustworthy.

What is a Digital Signature Certificate?

A Digital Signature Certificate DSC is a secure digital key issued by a licensed authority like Capricorn CA to verify the identity of users in electronic transactions. It helps make sure that the documents you send online are real and haven't been changed.

This certificate is used for various purposes like filing papers with the government, such as the Ministry of Corporate Affairs i.e. the full form of MCA. Thus, a DSC for MCA/ROC filing ensures that everything is legal and safe which helps businesses follow the rules set by the government.

Which is the Best DSC for MCA/ROC Filing?

Deciding on the best DSC for MCA/ROC filing is about picking one that's safe and works well with MCA rules. A Class 3 DSC is good because it's secure and reliable. This DSC certificate provides the highest level of security and trust in online documents and transactions.

If you want to buy DSC online, then choose a certifying authority like Capricorn CA. Just click on the “BUY CERTIFICATE” button to get it today in minutes for all your signing needs.

DSC for MCA/ROC Filing Use Cases


A Digital Signature Certificate online makes sure that the person filing documents is who they say they are. It prevents unauthorized filings and ensures only the right people can submit the necessary paperwork.

Audit Trail

This keeps a digital record of every action taken during the filing process. This includes who accessed the documents when they were accessed, and what changes were made. Thus, DSC for MCA/ROC filing helps to reduce errors or see if anything was changed during the process.

Minimize Risks

Using DSC lowers the chances of mistakes or fraud in the filing process. It also helps companies follow the law and reduce the risk of getting in trouble for making mistakes in their filings.

Integration with Digital Platforms

DSC for MCA/ROC filing works well with online platforms used for filing annual returns. It makes filing easier by letting people sign documents electronically, so they don't need to deal with manual work Thus, this makes managing documents easier and faster.

Real-Time Tracking

People can see the status of their filings right away using a DSC. They get updates about how their submissions are going, so they know if everything is on track. This helps them stay updated and fix any issues quickly.

Enhanced Trust

DSC for MCA/ROC filing builds trust in the filing process. It shows that the documents are real and haven't been changed. This makes everyone, like regulators and stakeholders, trust the company more which improves its overall reputation.

How to Check Annual Filing Status?

Check your MCA E filing status in these simple steps:

1. Go to the official website of MCA i.e. www.mca.gov.in and click on the “MCA services” section on the homepage.

2. There, find and click on the option that says "Check Annual Filing Status" located under the e filing section.

3. Input specific details about the company. This includes the company name and a unique identification number such as CIN, FCRN, LLPIN, or FLLPIN. Then, click on the submit button.

4. After submitting, the system will display the annual filing status of the company on the screen. This may include information about the filing status for the current year and possibly previous years.

5. If needed, you can download a copy of the filing status report for your records. Look for a download option provided on the page and click on it to save the document.

How to Check Company MCA Master Data?

1. Visit the official website of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs and look for the section on the website that offers MCA services.

2. There, you'll find various options. Look for 'Master Data' and click on it.

3. Then, click on the 'Master Data Services V3' option to proceed.

4. In the search bar provided, type in the name of the company you're interested in and click on the 'Search' button. (Ensure that you spell the company name correctly for accurate results.)

5. Enter the captcha and then, click on 'Submit' to proceed with the search.

6. A list of companies matching the name you entered will appear. Choose the company carefully from the list.

7. You'll be directed to a page displaying its Master Data. This includes details such as capital, region, balance sheet date, and other relevant information. Review all the details provided carefully.

How to Check MCA SRN Status in the e Filing Portal?

Know how to track SRN status in these simple steps:

1. Go to the official website of MCA and look for the "My Workspace" section above on the homepage.

2. After that, use your username and password for MCA login.

3. Then, find and select the “MCA services” section mentioned above on the website.

4. Scroll down the page until you locate the "Track Payment Status" option and click on it. This option can be found under the "Fee and Payment Services" section easily.

5. Enter your SRN (Service Request Number) in the provided field and click on the submit button.

6. The portal will process your request, and shortly after, your SRN status details will be displayed on the screen.


Having a DSC for MCA/ROC filing is important as it makes things easier and safer for everyone. You can digitally sign and send important papers to various authorities in just a few minutes. This keeps your documents safe from being changed by others. This builds trust and credibility as businesses can file their reports quickly by following the law.