Here's How You Can Easily Apply for a Digital Signature Certificate

With the advent of digital technologies and various IT-enabled services and online web-based technologies, the utilities associated with digital signature certificate DSC have increased for safe signing processes and protection of essential data. Digital Signature Certificate has been appreciated for its usage in the safe signing and safeguarding of your personal information from cyber threats.

Its usage is now prevalent in various government offices, private offices, firms, and organizations. Many professionals like lawyers, doctors, CA/CS, officers, and several other working professionals use DSC for signing documents electronically and managing their various personal records.

Not only it helps you in digitally signing your documents but it also offers you cybersecurity assistance in maintaining the safety and security of your electronic data. It mitigates the hazards of cyber threats such as malware attacks, data breaches, forgery, spam, phishing, etc. DSC is indispensable to use in procuring various government services, filing income tax returns, GST, DGFT, ICEGATE, e-ticketing/e-procurement, trademark/patent registration, etc.

Let us know how one can apply for their DSC based on the various types of digital signature certificates, validity, and usage.

Digital Signature Certificates For Accelerating Your Signing Processes

A Digital Signature Certificate is a digital format of the physical certificate that stores all your personal information electronically. It is equivalent to your paper-based certificate which guarantees the safety and security of your personal data. It helps in signing bulk documents, tracking records, managing data, and preventing cyber threats anywhere and anytime. Thus, it saves time and effort which can speed up your signing processes.

Who Can Provide A Digital Signature Certificate?

Digital Signature Certificate is provided by a licensed Certifying Authority which is authorized and regulated by the Controller of Certifying Authority CCA. A Certifying Authority can issue a Digital Signature Certificate and offer DSC-related services to individuals as well as an organization on the basis of the requirement, type, and validity of the certificate under the guidelines of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs MCA.

Apply For A Capricorn Class 3 DSC

Digital Signature Certificate is available in various types, classes, validity, profile, and usage of the certificate. Let us discuss the various types and usages of the DSC.
Profile of DSC: Individual, Organizational, Government, Foreign Individual or Organization, etc.
Usage: Income Tax, ICEGATE, IRCTC, GST, DGFT, etc.
Class of DSC: Class 3
Validity: 1 year, 2 years & 3 years

Method To Apply For A Capricorn Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate

Below is the complete process to apply for a Capricorn Class 3 DSC:-
1. Click on the “Buy Certificate” button at the top of the page.
2. Select your preferences for the DSC you want to apply for.
3. Click on the “Buy Now” button to move to the next step.
4. Opt for your DSC application mode from Biometric, PAN-Based, Online Aadhaar OTP, etc.
Note: The application process given below is using the Capricorn Paperless DSC mode.
1. Provide your basic details like mobile number, email, and PAN details in the application form.
2. Enter an OTP provided on your registered mobile number & your aadhaar details will appear on the screen.
3. Provide the required E-KYC details.
4. Now complete the payment process for your DSC order.
5. Verification would be completed through video & email.
6. Now you are successfully done with the application process.

Capricorn Class 3 Digital Certificates offers a complete cyber security framework for your essential/sensitive data & authenticates the signer's identity electronically. It prevents any stealth, forgery, and alteration in the information exchanged. Thus, it helps you in signing bulk documents, files, folders, forms, etc. anywhere & anytime. Save time & resources and get all your documents digitally signed with Capricorn Class 3 DSC.