Digital Signature for NRI: What It is and How to Get One?

Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) are people from India who live in other countries. They might need to sign papers for legal or business reasons even though they're far away from India. That's why, online Digital Signatures are used to solve this problem and sign documents easily anytime, anywhere.

A Digital signature for NRI online is like a digital version of your signature—it shows that you approve a document. NRIs can use DSCs to sign papers electronically, saving time and hassle. This is really important for NRIs because it helps them handle legal matters, sign contracts, and do business from anywhere in the world without needing to be physically present in India.

Who is NRI?

A Non-Resident Indian, which is NRI full form, is someone who is from India but lives in another country. They might have moved to another place for work, study, or other reasons.

How many days can NRI stay in India?

NRIs can stay in India for a maximum of 182 days in a year. If they stay beyond this period, they may be considered as residents for tax purposes and could be subject to Indian taxes on their global income. So, NRIs need to keep track of their stay duration to avoid any tax-related issues.

Can an NRI get an Aadhaar card?

Yes, Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) can get an Aadhaar card, but they need to have a valid passport. Once they have their passport, they can apply for an Aadhaar card by following the necessary procedures. Having an Aadhaar card can help NRIs access various services and benefits in India.

What is Identity Proof for NRI?

Below are the documents required for a NRI in India to prove their identity:

Passport: This is a must-have document for travel and identification, issued by the government of India. It serves as a primary identity proof for NRIs that contains your name, photo, nationality, and other personal details.

Visa: If you're residing in a foreign country, your visa can also serve as proof of identity. It indicates your permission to enter or leave a country for a specified period.

Driving License: If an NRI has a driving license from India or any other country, it serves as valid identity proof.

Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) Card: NRIs who hold an OCI card can use it as proof of identity. It signifies their status as overseas citizens of India and includes personal details and a photo.

Employment ID Card: If you're working abroad, your employer may issue an identification card with your photo and other details. Thus, this can be used as proof of identity in certain situations.

Digital Signature For NRI

A digital signature for NRIs is like an online stamp that verifies the authenticity of electronic documents. It's a secure way for NRIs to sign paperwork or transactions remotely without being physically present.

They use encryption technology to ensure that the document hasn't been tampered with and that the NRI is the one who signed it. They're widely used for banking, legal agreements, and other official processes.

Which is the Best Digital Signature for NRI?

A Class 3 digital signature for NRI online is often considered the best choice. It offers a high level of security and authenticity which makes it ideal for legal and financial transactions conducted remotely. With a digital certificate, NRIs can securely sign documents online that ensure their identity is verified and transactions are legally binding.

Purchase a Class 3 Digital signature certificate DSC from a certifying authority like Capricorn CA today for all your signing needs.

What are NRI DSC Charges?

NRI DSC charges are the fees you pay to get a digital signature online if you're a Non-Resident Indian. This works like your online signature for doing important things like taxes or business deals from another country. The charges for obtaining this can vary depending on various things like certificate type, validity, and others. These charges cover the issuing and maintaining costs of keeping it safe and valid for online usage.

How to Create Digital Signature for NRI?

1. Visit our website where you can start creating your digital signature for NRI.

2. Look for the button that says "BUY CERTIFICATE" and click on it.

3. Select the type of certificate you need and the certificate validity and click on the buy button to proceed.

4. Fill in the required information and undergo a verification process to prove your identity. This can be done through a video call or other provided methods.

5. Pay the required fee to get the digital signature for NRI using the provided payment options.

6. After that, your digital signature certificate will be issued to you within minutes.

What is Required to file form 13 as NRI?

Form 13: This is the official document that you need to fill out and sign. It's like a request form for seeking relief from double taxation.

Income Details: You might need to provide details of your income earned in India and abroad. This could include salary slips, bank statements, or any other relevant documents showing your income sources.

PAN Card: Your Permanent Account Number (PAN) card is essential for any tax-related transactions in India. Make sure you have it handy when filing Form 13.

Tax Deduction Account Number (TAN): If you're receiving payments from certain parties, you'll need their TAN.

Other documents- This includes copies of your Income Tax (IT) returns, the last 3 years' financial statements, audit reports, projection of your profit and loss for the current financial year, etc.

DSC- You may need a digital signature for NRI to authenticate your electronic filing. This adds an extra layer of security and ensures the integrity of your documents.


A Digital signature for NRI is like a virtual stamp to sign documents online. They make life easier by saving time and ensuring that signatures are genuine, even when they're not physically present. Thus, having a DSC enhances their ability to conduct business and legal transactions seamlessly from anywhere in the world.