Document Signer Certificate: Effortless and Secure Signing!

Businesses and organizations often need to regularly sign loads of documents online. But how can they be sure these digital signatures are real and legally binding? That's where Document Signer Certificates step in to save the day.

With class 3 Document Signer Certificates, businesses can authenticate signatures and sign bulk documents with ease. This makes online transactions smoother and more secure. Plus, they save time by eliminating the need for repeated identity checks or signing each document separately.

What is a Document Signer Certificate?

A Class 3 Document Signer Certificate online is a digital tool that validates your identity when signing multiple electronic documents at once. It ensures that your signature is authentic and legally binding.

With this free document signing certificate, you can quickly and securely sign bulk documents eliminating the need for repeated identity verification. Thus, it maintains both convenience and security in the digital world.

Why Document Signer Certificates are Important for Bulk Signing?

When lots of documents need to be signed at once, we need a way to make sure they're genuine and safe. That's where document signer certificates become so important like:

Audit Trail and Accountability

With class 3 Document Signer Certificates, organizations can maintain a reliable audit trail of document signing activities. Each signature is tied to a specific individual and timestamp, providing accountability and traceability in case of disputes or legal challenges. Therefore, this transparency enhances trust among stakeholders and facilitates compliance with internal policies and external regulations.

Efficiency in Operations

Bulk signing becomes easy and secure with Document Signer Certificates for organizations handling numerous documents daily. This includes agreements, contracts, internal memos, and other important documents.

Instead of spending time proving who you are every time you sign a document, this tool lets you sign lots of documents quickly without repeating the process each time.

Customer Confidence

Using class 3 Document Signer Certificates instills confidence in customers, partners, and stakeholders to sign documents digitally in various sectors. This includes e-commerce platforms, UIDAI servers, organisations, banks, and others.

They can trust that the documents they receive are authentic, legally binding, and free from tampering. Thus, they feel safer doing business with the organization which makes them more likely to keep working with them.

What is the Document Signer Certificate Price?

Capricorn CA provides various types of document signing certificates according to your needs. Just go through our website and click on the “BUY CERTIFICATE” button to get the certificate you want for bulk signing.

Which is the Best Document Signer Certificate in India?

The Class 3 Document Signer Certificate in India stands out as the top choice for securing your data and online transactions. These certificates are stored on Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) and come in a CER (Certificate) format, providing the highest level of authentication and reliability in digital signatures. Picking this bulk signer certificate means you're making sure your online activities are super secure and trustworthy.

How do I get a Document Signer Certificate?

Choose a Certifying Authority: Select a trusted provider like Capricorn CA to get the cheapest Document Signer Certificate available that offers high security and assurance.

Visit the Website: Go to our website, look for the “BUY CERTIFICATE” option on the website, and click on it.

Choose Certificate: Select the validity period, class, type (such as soft copy or HSM), and purpose (signing, encryption, or both) of the certificate.

Enter Details: Fill in all your personal information including your name, email, mobile number, PAN number, address, country, etc. Then, If applicable select your organization type and add details like your company name, PAN organization, GSTIN, employee code, etc to proceed.

Verify with OTP: Enter the OPT (One Time Password) received on your registered mobile number to verify your identity.

Process and Pay: Read through the terms and conditions and check the box to accept them. Finally, click on the "Process and Pay" button to proceed further.

Make Payment: Add your billing details securely and complete the payment process.

Confirmation: Once the payment is successful, you're done! You should receive confirmation of your Document Signer Certificate purchase.

How to Sign PDF using Document Signer Certificate?

Know how to digitally sign PDF with digital signature certificate in Adobe Reader in these easy steps:

1. First, open Adobe Acrobat on your computer.

2. Insert the USB token containing your document signer certificate into an available USB port on your computer. This token holds the digital signature online that you'll use to sign your PDF.

3. Go to the "Tools" tab at the top of the window. Find and click on the "Certificates" option from the dropdown menu that appears. Below the Certificates section, you should see an "Add" button. Click on it.

4. Choose the option for "Digitally Sign." Then, select your certificate from the list provided. Click on "Continue" to proceed.

5. Your details will appear on the screen, make sure it's saved with all the necessary changes. Click on "File" at the top of the Adobe Acrobat window, then save your document.

6. With your document ready and your digital signature certificate DSC selected, it's time to sign the PDF. Finally, click on the "Sign" button and then save to confirm the signing process.

Note: Before signing your document, it's essential to ensure that your Trust Manager is up-to-date.

To do this, go to the "Edit" menu at the top of the Adobe Acrobat window. From there, select "Preferences" and scroll down to locate the "Trust Manager" option. Click on it. Then, click the "Update Now" button and then select "OK" to confirm and sign documents with the certificate issued.


Class 3 Document signer certificates help you sign bulk electronic documents automatically. It's super important because it makes work easier, keeps everything safe, and follows the rules. That's why buying a Capricorn CA certificate gives you trust and shows that the documents we send and receive are genuine and safe.