How DSC for IPR Helps to Secure Your Ideas and Innovations!

In today's digital world, protecting your ideas and brands is super important. If you've come up with an invention or a brand name then you'd want to make sure no one steals or copies it. That's where Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) comes in. They're like bodyguards for your ideas and brands.

Now, to make things official, you often need to submit documents online. But how can you be sure they're safe and legit? A Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) helps in these situations.

They're like a special electronic stamp that makes sure your documents are real and can't be messed with. Having a DSC for IPR is like having a super secure lock on your online paperwork, especially important when registering trademarks and patents.

What is Intellectual Property Right?

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) are like guardians for our ideas and creations. They include patents, which protect inventions, and trademarks, which safeguard brands. IPR helps us own and control our creations, so others can't copy or steal them without permission.


What is a Trademark?

An IP trademark is a legally protected symbol, word, phrase, or design that shows who made a product or provided a service. It's like a badge that helps people know where something comes from, like a brand name or logo. It stops others from using the same sign or name, so customers don't get confused.

Is DSC Mandatory for Trademark Registration?

Yes, you need a special electronic signature called a Class 3 DSC for trademark registration online. DSC for IPR is like a secure stamp that verifies your electronic documents are genuine when you submit them over the internet.

Which DSC is Required for Trademark Registration?

To register a trademark online, you'll need a Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate (DSC). It's like a super-secure online ID card that proves who you are when you're filing your trademark application. DSC for IPR ensures that your online trademark registration is trustworthy and legitimate.

How to Check Trademark Availability in India?

Follow the simple steps below to know how to check trademark availability in India:

1. Simply just visit the official website ipindiaonline.gov.in for trademark-related matters in India.

2. Look for the "Status" section below on the homepage of the website.

3. Within the "Status" section, you'll see various options. Choose "Trademark" from the list.

4. You'll be presented with three options: Wordmark, Vienna code, and Phonetic. Select the option that best matches your trademark.

5. Enter details such as the name of the trademark, class, and goods description. Finally, click on the "Search" button to proceed.

6. A list of trademarks registered under the name you provided will be displayed on your screen. Take your time to review these results carefully.

How to Register Trademark in India?

Know how to e register trademark in the following steps:

1. Go to the official website for trademark registration in India.

2. Select the type of applicant and click on the search option. Enter your name and submit.

3. A list of all the trademarks registered under the name will be displayed on the screen. Choose the code with your name on the record, copy it, and proceed.

NOTE: If there's no record found under your registered name, simply click on the "Add New" button. Enter all the required details such as name, address, mobile number, email, etc., and submit.

4. Choose the option for signing up with a DSC for IPR. Upload your digital signature easily on your device.

5. Add your details such as user ID, password, email ID, mobile number, and captcha, and then click on the option"Register with DSC."

6. A new dashboard will appear on your screen click on "File TM-A". Then, select the option"Individual/Sole Proprietor" to proceed further.

7. Choose "Trademark Application," enter the class of DSC for IPR, and submit.

8. Select the category of your trademark and upload the image of your logo. Type your brand name, provide an image description and other necessary details, and then click on "Save."

9. Click on "Digitally Sign” and submit. Go to the homepage Select the "Make Payment" option and proceed to pay the required fees.

10. You will receive a confirmation email stating that your trademark has been successfully registered.

How to Check Trademark Status?

It is important to do trademark status checking to know if it's registered or still pending. Here's how:

1. Visit the Official Website: First, go to the official website of Intellectual Property India at ipindiaonline.gov.in. This is where you can access information about trademarks.

2. Select Option: Look for the "Trade Mark Application/Registered Mark" option on the website. Click on it to proceed.

3. Choose IRDI Number: You'll then see two options and select the "National IRDI Number" option. This is the system used for trademark registration in India.

4. Enter Details: Now, you'll need to enter your trademark application number in the provided space. Fill in the captcha and click on the "View" button.

5. Review Details: You'll be directed to a new page where you'll see all the details related to your trademark application status.

6. Download or Print: If you want to keep a record or need a hard copy, you can simply click on the “Print” option to download the details.


What is Patent?

A patent is a legal document that gives someone the exclusive right to make or sell an invention for a certain period, usually 20 years. It protects the inventor's idea from being copied by others without permission. Patents encourage innovation by rewarding inventors for their creative ideas and hard work.

Types of Patents

Utility Patents: Utility patents protect new and useful things people invent, like machines or processes. In India, if your invention is new, useful, and not obvious, you can get a utility patent. It gives the inventor exclusive rights to be the only one to use or sell the invention for about 20 years.

Design Patents: Design patents protect how things look, like the shape or pattern of a product. In India, if you create a new and unique design like the design of a shoe or a phone, you can get a design patent. It stops others from making or selling products that look too much like yours for about 15 years.

Plant Patents: Plant patents are for new types of plants made by people, not nature. If you invent or find a new plant variety through special methods, like grafting or cutting, you can get a plant patent in India. It lets you control how that plant is grown or sold for around 20 years.

How Long Do Patents Usually Last for?

Patents usually last for about 20 years. This means the person who invented something has the right to be the only one who can make or sell it for that time. After that, anyone can use or sell the invention.

How to Get DSC for IPR (Trademarks and Patent)?

Getting a DSC for IPR involves several steps. Here's a simple guide:

Step 1: Go to the website of a trusted Certificate Authority like Capricorn CA that provides DSC services.

Step 2: Look for the “Buy certificate” option on the website that allows you to purchase a DSC for IPR.

Step 3: Select the type and validity period for your DSC. You can choose between one, two, or three years of validity.

Step 4: Fill in all the required details to verify your identity. These include your name, email address, phone number, etc.

Step 5: Scan and upload necessary documents such as an Aadhaar card, PAN card, utility bills, a passport-sized photograph, etc for identity proof. Make sure all your documents are legible and clear.

Step 6: Select the verification method for your DSC application. This could involve a physical verification process or an online verification through video call.

Step 7: Proceed to make the payment for your DSC for IPR. The cost may vary depending on the validity period and the CA you choose.

Step 8: After successful payment, you will receive a confirmation email with details about your DSC application.

Step 9: Download your digital signature for IPR to be used for various purposes like trademark or patent registration.

Step 10: Install your DSC on your computer or USB token. Ensure that you keep your DSC safe and secure.


A Digital Signature Certificate DSC full form is like a digital stamp that helps protect your ideas and creations online. By using DSC for IPR, people can trust online transactions and know their ideas are safe from being stolen. Businesses and individuals need to use this certificate to keep their creative work secure in the digital world.