How DGFT DSC Helps in Securing International Deals?

Business expanding across borders offers both opportunities and challenges in international business. Alongside the profit potential, there's a lot of paperwork, logistics, and rules to follow, especially from organizations like the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT).

A Digital Signature for foreign trade is like a special stamp for their online documents. It speeds up document processing and proves that their documents are real and not changed by anyone else. With this stamp, they might avoid problems like delays in customs or legal issues.

So, having a DGFT DSConline is like having a shield that protects them from problems when they trade internationally. It makes things easier and safer for them.

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What is DGFT?

The Directorate General of Foreign Trade which is DGFT full form is a government organization that manages India's foreign trade policies and regulations. It facilitates exports and imports by issuing licenses, permits, and authorizations. DGFT ensures compliance with trade laws and regulates trade transactions to promote economic growth.

To conduct digital transactions securely with the DGFT, individuals or businesses can obtain a DGFT DSC from trusted providers like Capricorn CA.


Applying for Certificates of Origin (COO)

COO full form certificates of Origin are like passports for goods that show where they come from. When a business wants to export goods, it needs to prove where those goods originated. This is where COO comes in.

Businesses can securely apply for DGFT COO online. This means they can prove the origin of their products easily and reliably.

Submitting Bank Realization Certificates (BRC)

Bank Realization Certificates (BRC) are like receipts for the money a business earns from exporting goods. When a business sells goods to another country, it earns money in foreign currency. BRC DGFT proves that the business received this money.

With DGFT DSC, you can submit your BRC to the Directorate General of Foreign Trade DGFT for verification safely. Thus, this helps them show that they've earned money from exporting goods.

Getting Your Import Export Code (IEC)

Import Export Code (IEC) is like a license that businesses need to start exporting or importing goods. It's a unique code assigned to each business by DGFT. This code is necessary for customs clearance and other legal purposes.

Application and verification online can be done in minutes using an IEC DGFT digital signature. Moreover, this simplifies the process of getting the required license to engage in international trade.

Electronic Filing of Export Declarations (EDI)

Export Declarations are documents that businesses must submit to the government when exporting goods. These documents contain details about the exported goods, their value, destination, etc.

Electronic Filing of Export Declarations (EDI) makes this process easier by allowing businesses to submit these documents electronically. Filing export declarations online becomes easy with a DSC for DGFT which also saves a lot of time and effort.

Promotion Schemes

Export Promotion Schemes are incentives provided by the government to encourage exports. These schemes can include subsidies, tax benefits, or other forms of support.

Anyone can apply for these promotion schemes online via a DSC for foreign trade. This means they can access the benefits offered by the government to boost their exports easily and securely.

Secure Online Payment Transactions

In international trade, businesses often need to make payments to suppliers or receive payments from buyers in other countries. These transactions need to be secure to prevent fraud or unauthorized access.

DGFT DSC ensures the security of online payment transactions for exporters. Additionally, it provides encryption and authentication measures to safeguard financial transactions which gives peace of mind to businesses online.

How to Download BRC from DGFT?

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to download BRC from the DGFT website in simple steps:

Visit the official DGFT website: Open your web browser and type in the official website address of DGFT in the search bar. Press enter to go to the website.

Access your Dashboard: Once you're on the DGFT website homepage, look for a section called "My Dashboard" and click on it. This will likely be located at the top of the page.

Login to your Account: To access your dashboard, you'll need to log in. Click on the “Login” option and enter your username and password in the provided fields. You might also need to fill in a captcha to verify that you're not a robot.

Go to Repositories: After logging in, you'll be redirected to your dashboard. Here, look for an option called "Repositories" and click on it.

Explore BRC: Within the Repositories section, scroll down until you find the option for "Bills Repositories (e-BRC)". Click on "Explore" below this option.

Bank Realisations: Your DGFT IEC code will appear on your screen. Now, select the "Bank Realisations" option from the menu. Click on this option to proceed.

Enter Details: Choose a date and enter the shipping bill number associated with the BRC you want to download. Fill in these details accurately.

BRC Number: After entering the necessary details, click on the "Search" button. You will see your BRC number and associated details on the screen. Take a moment to review this information to make sure it's correct.

Print eBRC: Once you've confirmed the details, look for an option that says "Print eBRC". Click on this option to proceed with downloading your BRC.

Download Successfully: After clicking on the "Print eBRC" option, your DGFT BRC details will be downloaded to your device. Save the file on your device for further usage.


Getting a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) from the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) makes trading with other countries easier. Businesses can safely do deals and send papers online using a DGFT DSC. This saves time and hassle by cutting down on paperwork and speeds up the process, making international trade smoother. Using digital signatures isn't just handy; it also keeps up with the world's shift to digital ways of doing things.