How DSC for IRCTC Agents Helps to Build Trust With Customers

IRCTC is like an online platform for booking train tickets and planning trips in India. For travel agents who work with IRCTC online, having a DSC is really important. DSC for IRCTC agents makes sure that online transactions are safe and that agents are who they say they are. It keeps all the information secure and makes sure everything is done properly. So, having a DSC not only makes booking tickets easier but also builds trust between agents and customers, following the rules set by IRCTC.

What is an IRCTC Agent?

An IRCTC agent is someone approved by Indian Railways to help people book train tickets. They can assist with securing tickets, making reservations, and other ticket-related tasks either online or in person.

These agents need to acquire a Class 3 Digital Signature for e-ticketing to ensure secure online transactions while booking tickets on behalf of customers. Digital signature certificates verify their identity and help maintain the integrity of the booking process.

Benefits of Becoming an IRCTC Agent

Being an IRCTC agent has several benefits:

Unlimited Booking: As an agent, you can book train tickets without any limit. This means you can help as many people as possible without worrying about booking restrictions.

Low-cost Tickets: You get discounted rates for booking train tickets. For Sleeper Class, it's just 20 rupees, and for AC Class, it's only 40 rupees. This allows you to offer affordable travel options to your customers.

Ticket Fare Commissions: Every time you book a ticket, you earn commissions. For transactions below 2000 rupees, it's 0.75%, and for transactions above 2000 rupees, it's 1%. This additional income adds up over time.

Flexibility: Being an agent gives you flexibility in managing your time and work. You have easy access to the IRCTC system which makes it convenient to book tickets for yourself and others.

Scheduling bookings online allows you to balance your personal and professional life effectively.

How to Get IRCTC Agent ID?

Do you want to become an authorized IRCTC agent? Follow these steps to learn how to apply for IRCTC agent and start your journey now:

1. Visit the official Indian Railway website and click the option “Register for Travel Agency” at the top of the screen.

2. Click on the registration link and fill in the form with your details. This includes your name, business name (if any), mobile number, email ID, city, pin code, state, etc. After filling in the details, submit the form.

3. Upload the documents required for IRCTC agent registration. These typically include your PAN card, Aadhaar card, and other important documents.

4. Enter the date, amount, and UTR (Unique Transaction Reference) to make the payment for registration.

5. Once payment is made, you'll receive a confirmation email. This email will contain your user ID and password for accessing your IRCTC agent account.

After having an agent ID you can get IRCTC booking services, whether it's for booking online or via the app.

What is the Cost of IRCTC ID for Agents?

According to the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC), to become an agent there is a cost involved. This cost is a one-time fee, meaning you pay it just once.

This fee is Rs. 30,000, plus any applicable service tax. You pay this fee through a demand draft, which is like a special kind of check, made out to IRCTC and payable in New Delhi. Of this, Rs. 20,000 is refundable if the agent chooses to withdraw voluntarily.

This one-time fee grants agents access to IRCTC's services which helps in train ticket bookings or tatkal ticket bookings and transactions for customers. It's a simple process with a partial refund option for those who opt out later.

What is the Validity of IRCTC ID?

The validity of an IRCTC ID lasts for one year. This means that it remains active for 12 months from the date of registration. After a year, users may need to renew or revalidate their ID for continued access.

How to Use DSC for IRCTC Agents

Now, let's explore practical tips on effectively utilizing DSC for IRCTC online as an agent:

Ticket Booking

Agents can seamlessly do IRCTC ticket booking online using their DSC by logging into the portal. Simply select the desired journey details, enter passenger information, and proceed to payment. The DSC ensures the authenticity of the booking and provides passengers with peace of mind.

Ticket Cancellation

If travel plans change and you need to cancel train tickets, agents can start the cancellation process easily. This is done by simply going to the 'Booked Tickets' part of the IRCTC website or app. They confirm the cancellation by using their digital signature which proves the transaction is genuine. This helps passengers get their refunds quickly.

Checking Booking Status

Agents can effortlessly track the IRCTC ticket booking status by accessing the 'Booking History' section. Agents gain real-time insights through secure authentication using their DSC. This includes reservation details, including seat availability, confirmation status, and journey updates.

Which DSC for IRCTC Agents is Required for Bookings Tickets Online?

A Class 3 digital signature for IRCTC agents is required for IRCTC ticketing. IRCTC digital certificate is like an official stamp online that shows you're authorized to do business with the Indian Railways Corporation.

How to Get DSC for IRCTC Agents

Acquiring a DSC for IRCTC agents involves the following steps:

Step 1: Select a trusted Certifying Authority licensed by the Controller of Certifying Authorities to issue your DSC for IRCTC. Ensure the CA complies with legal requirements like Capricorn CA and offers Class 3 digital certificates suitable for IRCTC transactions.

Step 2: Fill out the form provided by the chosen CA for getting your DSC for IRCTC agent. Give them all the information and documents they need and follow their instructions.

Step 3: The CA will check your identity and confirm it for verification. This might require in-person verification or official papers and documents submission with your signature on them.

Step 4: Upon successful verification, the CA will issue your Class 3 DSC for IRCTC agent online. This includes comprising a cryptographic key pair and a digital signature to prove your identity online. It'll be valid for a certain period.

Step 5: Install the DSC on your designated device(s). Set it up so it works with the software or web browsers you use for going on the IRCTC website.


DSC for IRCTC agents online is super important for IRCTC to keep things safe and sound. This helps in proving who they are when they're working on a ticketing system or managing accounts. Using DSC not only makes online work easier but also builds trust with customers.