Renewing Your DSC Online: A Comprehensive Guide

The usage of a Digital Signature is necessary for the present-day scenario. Today we are adopting virtual screens for most of our tasks, activities, and work related to office and personal usage. DSC ensures a complete cybersecurity safeguard for our online transactions and digital services.

It protects our essential personal records from any cyber threats, cyber-attacks, and forgery. Moreover, electronic signatures offer multiple benefits in electronic documents/forms signing, and remote signing and your documents can be digitally signed in bulk such as pdf/folder signing and bulk documents signing.

Why Do We Need To Renew DSC?

The use of Digital Signatures is prevalent in both the public and private sectors. Several Professionals, business owners, organizations, and government officials use Digital Signature certificates to sign documents. Digital Signature provides safety and security to the transactions performed and data exchanged online. These Digital Certificates come with the validity of 1 year, 2 years, and 3 years.

Once the validity of the Digital Signature Certificates is expired, you will have to renew your certificate from any Certifying Authority CA like Capricorn CA for renewal of Class 3 digital signature. In case of making any change in the details of your personal identity, you will have to apply for an update of your Digital Signature online. You can also create a digital signature certificate if you do not have an online signature certificate.

The renewal process of digital signature is easy, feasible, and transparent as per user's satisfaction and trust. The details of the registered user will be kept confidential and private from any other entity. Thus, it guarantees to render a service of trust, excellence, and transparency for updating your DSC.

What are some prerequisites for applying for the DSC renewal process?

1. Several changes such as a postal address, locality, and contact details can be made during the renewal process.
2. You must have a USB token while requesting for renewal of DSC. If you don't have a USB token then please obtain your DSC token first.
3. You must have to apply for the DSC renewal with a registered name on the existing DSC. In case you want to change your name then you will have to apply for a fresh new DSC.
4. You have to install DSC on your system/computer to apply for the renewal process.
5. You must apply for your DSC renewal process before the expiry of your existing DSC.

Documents Required For DSC Renewal Process for Individuals

For individual purposes, an applicant can opt for an Aadhaar-based or PAN card-based paperless application mode. In the paperless mode, you need to fill in any form or submit any document. Below are the required documents that you need to keep during the process:
1. You must have one recent photograph.
2. Your valid identity proof: Aadhar card and PAN card.
3. A valid mobile number and email ID.

Documents Required For DSC Renewal Process for Organizations

Organizations can apply for their DSC renewal through the conventional application mode. The following documents are required for the process:
1. An applicant must have their PAN card and ID proof.
2. An applicant must have one organization registration proof such as GST/Shop/MSME.
3. One ID proof of the Authorized Signatories
4. Authorization Letter
5. An applicant must have a photograph, a valid email id, and a mobile number.

To Where Can One Apply For Digital Signature Certificate Renewal?

Any registered DSC applicant can apply for their DSC renewal to any Licensed Certificate Authority CA such as Capricorn CA which is authorized by the Controller of Certifying Authority CCA. Any user can directly visit the portal of Certifying Authority and apply for the same.

Step-By-Step Guide For DSC Renewal

The Digital Signature renewal process is easy, and it takes very less time, about 10 to 20 minutes. You do not need to go anywhere and submit documents physically. Verification and online documentation are required.

1. First, you will have to select your DSC type.
2. To proceed further you have to make payment for the DSC renewal order.
3. Now submit the required documents.
4. You will have to go through mobile & video verification.
5. Your DSC will be processed within 10 to 30 minutes.
6 .Now you can download your DSC with an existing USB token.


There are many advantages to a renewal of Digital Signature online. It saves time and you can obtain your renewed DSC in a very short time. It helps in electronically signing a digital document and can validate a user's identity digitally. As it ensures the legal binding of your identity and records so no one can easily deny the authenticity and integrity of the data. You can apply for it from anywhere & anytime and accelerate all your documentation and signing processes.