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Class - 2 Sign valid for 3 Year DSC with Services. (IND, Traditional )Price : 2,576.00

 Important Instructions

  •  Applicant must have ID and address proof including aadhaar card, pan card, along with the mobile number, email address and other mandatory details.
  •  All the photocopies of documents required must be attested by Bank Manager, Gazetted Officer, Post Officer.
  •  The form for traditional process has to be filled in English language and only in blue ink .
  •  Applicant should have access to his/her email ID and mobile number while applying.
  •  Class-2 DSC is accepted for GST, MCA, ROC, Income Tax, etc.
  •  This process involves mobile verification and video recording for only Class-2 type of DSC issuance.
  •  After document and video verification, DSC is issued within minutes during business hours.
  •  Issuance of DSC is subject to approval by Certifying Authority (Capricorn ID).
  •  You need eToken to safely download and store the digital signature.
  • Applicant Declaration
    I hereby agree and confirm, that I have read and understood Provisions, Guidelines and Practices of Certificate.Digital CPS and the Subscriber Agreement, I would abide by the same. The information provided in this application form is Correct and true in all respect.